Dear Pastor
March 18, 2005
I’m very afraid of my ex-boyfriend

Dear Pastor,

I have a problem that is getting to me and I really would like to get your advice.

Pastor, I was in a relationship with my ex-boyfriend for over three years but they were the worst years of my life. Pastor, the littlest thing always got him vexed, and when he got upset he used to beat me so bad. {{more}}

Besides the lashing, he just used to frustrate my life and I really needed to get out of that relationship. I recently found the courage to leave him but now I can’t get a break from him.

Pastor, every night he calls my number. I changed my phone number but still he finds it out and keeps harassing me. Pastor, I am fed up with him and am so afraid that he might do something stupid. I even went to make a complaint to the police but instead of taking me seriously, one officer told me not to worry because he just loves me and wants me back.

Pastor, what should I do? I really do not trust him. One night I saw someone peeping into the yard I am living and although I am not sure, I believe it was him.


Greetings to you,

I am disappointed to hear about the response of the police officers to your complaint. I am not one to bash police officers because I believe that society is generally very unfair to them. But if what you have said is true, then those officers whom you met were not only insensitive, but have not discerned the times. We have already seen vicious domestic violence or “crimes of passion” as it is termed. I do not think any one should take a complaint of harassment from a disgruntled ex- lover for granted.

Darling, you did the right thing getting out of that mess. The only thing you did wrong was to stay in that mess so long.

I will advise you to return to the police and make another complaint and keep making complaints every time you are harassed. I think you should be able to take up the matter in the courts and get a restraining order placed on him. You can inquire from the police as to the rights afforded by the law in your situation.

More than anything else though my dear, be very careful. Take your time so as not to make the same error in judgment in the future.

Pastor Jackson