Dear Pastor
March 11, 2005
Looking at those T V pastors

Dear Pastor Jackson,

I enjoy reading your articles; you are doing a great job, keep it up.

I am writing you to get your opinion on a documentary that was on television about Benny Hinn. I hope you saw it. In the documentary a lot of questions are asked about his spending habits and how he uses his ministry’s money. They were even questioning the miracles that we see on his show. {{more}}

Pastor, I am not a Christian but I believe in God, and do follow up several TV preachers. I must admit though, that after I saw that programme I started wondering a lot about things. What is your opinion?

I do hope you saw the programme, if you did not, then just give me your general feeling on those things.


Greetings to you,

Yes I did see the NBC programme; I think it was the special news program “20/20”. There were several emails that I had before yours but because of the recent nature of your question I will feature it now.

I reserve my judgment on Benny Hinn, even though I must admit the case against him looks pretty solid. You see, we must not be to quick to pass judgement on any one, let the facts come out as they may.

I have never been quick to jump on judgment bandwagons. I believe that a man will answer to the Lord for his deeds in due season. I also believe that the Lord gives grace and mercy and often we are afforded a time of reasoning and repentance. However, if we continue shamelessly in whatever it is and refuses to turn then “our sins will find us out”. I say that to say this: I pray and trust that brother Benny Hinn can answer the questions posed against his character. If he can, and it’s just an attempt to discredit the work of the Lord, then the Lord will deal with those responsible.

However if the accusations are true and ministry funds are really being used to fulfill a lustful lifestyle, then may the chips falls.

You asked me my general feelings on those things; I guess you mean ministers and money. I am a pastor, I am paid a salary by the church I lead and I dedicate my time, energies and life to the ministry. What my family does with that salary at the end of the month is between God and us. We must obey his word as it regards giving, hospitality, kindness and fulfill our responsibilities. This should be the principle in my opinion whether that salary is $1000 or $50,000. But if the case against bro Hinn is true, I will be very disappointed because he is being accused of using, not his salary, but ministry funds to facilitate a lavish life style (even outside times when he is conducting the ministry’s business). But my dear, remember it is an ACCUSATION, so wait and see how it plays out, reserve judgment!

Finally though, remember whatever the outcome in that situation, God is good, there are many faithful ministers preaching the Word of God with passion and honesty.

Pastor Jackson