Happy Retirement, Mommy!
August 20, 2010
Happy Retirement, Mommy!

Fri, Aug 20, 2010

(Retired after 39 years at the L.L.A.S)
By Barret Brackin

You are my mother, my teacher, pastor and friend; But never could I have comprehended when you tried to explain to my brothers and me, that you had many children from this or that community.

Now we see (My brothers and me); why you taught us very early

To keep house, was, press and cook; It was to give you time for your School Work

You were so committed, Mummy; and it really was very funny

When at the hospital in a state of anesthesia, you enquired of the school children’s behavior

“Happy Retirement, Mommy! Now you can live you life; WE LOVE YOU!”

From sons Barret, Rammon & Vaundel

(See you soon)

Hats Off to Mrs. Brackin


By Cherice Roberts

I got to know Mrs. Vida Brackin, when as a little girl I first attended the Campden Park Wesleyan Holiness Church. She was my Sunday School teacher. I always wanted to attend so I could listen to her as she told Bible Stories and God’s love for us. She just knows how to tell those stories! I enjoyed answering questions and repeating memory verses every Sunday.

Mrs. Brackin has taught the Lowmans Leeward Anglican School for thirty nine years (39)-July 1971 to July 2010. She taught my mother and was my class teacher in Grade Two. Anyone who has taught so long is a great teacher. When there was something we did not understand in Math or any other subject we would always go to her during recess or lunch break and she would patiently explain it to us until we understood. She has not only been our class teacher but our counselor and friend and always encourages us to make correct choices. She even taught us good “Table Manners.”

Even when Mrs. Brackin was no longer my class teacher I would still visit her classes, showed her reports and test papers, and it was my delight to run little errands for her.

Mrs. Brackin is a lady who loves God and the Bible; anyone can go to her for help to find scripture verses and encouragement in their Christianity. She is very helpful and kind in the community and gives advice on various matters.

“Mrs. Brackin, I hope you will have a Happy Retirement. May you live many more years to continue being my Mentor, my Encourager and Leader. You will always be my teacher. Now that I will be entering the St. Vincent Girls’ High School, I hope you will be around when I complete University.”

Mrs. Brackin, Thank you and God bless you!

Cherice Roberts