Coast Guard graduate gets Doctorate
September 16, 2005
Coast Guard graduate gets Doctorate

by Dave Roberts

She became this country’s first graduate of the prestigious US Coast Guard Academy in New London, Connecticut back in the year 2000 but Jacqueline P. James did not stop there. The ambitious Vincentian lass continued her studies and today has become the recipient of a Ph. D in Civil Engineering from the University of Miami.

“Jackie”, as she is fondly called by those closest to her, was one of four students who came in for high praises and commendations during the University of Miami’s graduation ceremony at the end of last semester.

James, a past student of the Girls’ High School and the St. Vincent Grammar School, was a participant in the first SVG Coast Guard Summer Programme, which began in 1994. It was this initial exposure to the SVG Coast Guard Service that provided the opportunity for James to pursue a career in the Coast Guard. She grasped the opportunities offered for academics, excelled, and has never looked back.

Subsequent to obtaining a B. Sc. in Civil Engineering, the young woman went on to complete a M.SC. in Architectural Engineering. Her next step was the attainment of the Doctorate in Civil Engineering from the University of Miami where she is today attached as an Associate Professor.

Jacqueline P. James is the daughter of proud parents Michael “Mikey” and Cornetta James now residing at Mt. Pleasant/Rawacou.