Community Opinion
February 21, 2014
SEARCHLIGHT caught up with members of the Junior Chamber International and posed our question to them: What do you think is the cause of the unusual weather patterns we are experiencing here in St Vincent and the Grenadines and worldwide?

Mandisa Stephens

There could be a lot of things affecting the weather pattern at this point, so we can’t really determine, because there are a lot of changes that are going on within the environment.{{more}}

There is air pollution, the melting of the polar ice caps, and the cutting down of trees. There was a time when you could tell when is dry season or wet season, but now it’s hard to predict.

Wayne Cadogan

I think it’s due to global warming and the way we use our natural resources. Too many times we have been talking about going the “green” way, but how many people are actually doing it?

We need to invest in things like solar energy. Although we won’t see the benefits for years down the road, I believe we need to do it. If you look at oil prices, they have been going all over the place, and we are taking the oil from out of the earth and we have places that never got typhoons, they are having typhoons. Places that never had earthquakes are having earthquakes.

Gabriel Glasgow

Factors such as urbanization where persons are packed into an area and polluting that area, things like CFC’s and carbon dioxide. As the world population grows, there is more pollution, more cutting down of trees; all these factors can lead to global warming. If you notice, we are getting colder at some times and hotter at other times.


I think it has to with the amount of pollution. Over the years we have been polluting the atmosphere without recognizing that eventually it would affect us.

Our population is growing and the resources are limited…we don’t have enough resources to sustain the amount of people living on the planet, so therefore we have to cut down the trees to build bridges and other infrastructure.

Also we need more food… more land space and we have to reclaim the rivers, and after a while the river would reclaim what it once had.

Cuthbert Tucker

From what I’ve been seeing, there are a lot of people who are cutting down the forest and burning a lot of bush and other stuff that are giving off carbon emissions, and this carbon emission has increased the world temperature.

Because of the increase of the world temperature, it has changed the weather pattern of the weather system… and this is creating more clouds, it is melting the ice caps and so forth, and all of this is creating unusual weather patterns which has caused tremendous damage all over the world.

Ryan Hazell

It is due to the end time prophecies that must be fulfilled, and all this is a part of bible prophecies being fulfilled.

Physically, the ice caps are melting, but spiritually, because there is a prophetic order that must be fulfilled, it is inevitable. Your reality is not determined by your locality, but rather by your spirituality. It takes place in the spiritual realm before you see it in the physical.