Come Up Higher
October 12, 2018
Six ways to afford a vacation when you have limited cash

Growing up in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, it seemed like certain activities were only for rich people. As I got older and I still wasn’t rich, I figured out that rich was a state of mind, not a reflection of your bank account. Vincentians live where people pay lots of money to vacation, yet some find it difficult to make the time to take quality time off to recharge. For some people, it’s been years since they had a proper vacation, because they are limited by their thinking. A poverty mentality has seized too many people and convinced them that they can’t afford a vacation. Start planning next year’s vacation now. Here are a few ways you can afford it.

1. If you can afford to buy a carnival costume, you can afford a vacation. Skip carnival one year and go on a mini vacation.

2. All that money spent getting regular manicures/ pedicures and having different outfits for every event can be used differently. You choose your priorities. 

3. If you eat out regularly, even if it’s KFC, Subway, or roast pork, save the money and cook at home. Liming with the boys on the block and drinking cost money, too. Save that as well. 

4. Split the cost of a vacation with friends. Rent a guesthouse, stay with friends or family, or even consider glamping. Mayreau has a new glamping concept now at Salt Whistle Bay.

5. If you have kids and can’t afford a family vacation, then have your kids join a group that goes on trips. Be a supportive parent and give your kids that opportunity and help the group fundraise. You might be able to go as a chaperone. The Brownies camped in Mayreau this year, enjoying the same activities as the tourists in their big yachts. 

6. Sell your skills/time. I sold tamarind balls growing up to make extra cash. What can you do?

7. Consider a staycation. Stay in your house and explore your country/community just like you were a tourist. It beats the cost of accommodations. 

There is always a way to make something happen if you THINK rich.

3 Ways to Come Up Higher

1. Start a vacation fund now for next year.

2. Host a dinner with young people and have them cook food from another culture. Talk about the culture and country over the meal.

3. Expand your mind. Pick a country, culture or community and learn as much as you can about it.


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