Christmas Messages
December 20, 2013
If Jesus had not come

Fri Dec 20, 2013

by Frank B. Branch

1. If Jesus had not come, our souls would still be lost,

No other was found to pay the awful cost

The price of sin, that God in Heaven demands

Death to the sinner! But still the penalty stands.{{more}}

2. If Jesus had not come, His love we ne’er would know,

His grace on us He never would bestow;

We’d live our lives in one long darksome night,

Forever groping in darkness, and never see the light.

3. If Jesus had not come, no joy or peace we’d find,

No cure for sin, naught for the troubled mind,

No guiding light to point the narrow way

That leads to life eternal, and God’s own perfect day.

4. Thank God He came, His own beloved son,

Who trod the dusty streets of earth from dawn to setting sun,

Speaking the word of truth, doing his FATHER’S will,

From His lowly birth in Bethlehem, to His death on Calvary’s hill.

5. And there upon the cross when the day of grace had begun,

We hear shout victoriously “Behold, behold, Tis done!

Redemption’s price is paid; the sinner may go free,

Because he gave his life on that day at Calvary.