May all your goals be  fulfilled this coming year
Christmas Messages
December 23, 2008
May all your goals be fulfilled this coming year


Christmas message from President of Chamber of Industry Commerce, Angus Steele.

Another brand new year – 2009 – stretches across us like a horizon to be explored, filled with opportunities and challenges. It is a time when the Chamber of Industry and Commerce will take new initiatives, break with ineffective tradition and take advantage of unprecedented positive change and transformation. Above all, the Chamber plans to serve the business community better.{{more}}

Like each of us, the Chamber is constantly assessing its heritage while moving forward. We are fully aware of our own internal challenges, but with the dedication and hard work of this new council and the expanded staff, we are well on our way to a positive transformation.

The anticipated success of the year 2009 undoubtedly depends on the preparatory work that has commenced. During the past year, there have been some highly successful and very visible events and projects. We are in the process of constitutional review and our five year strategic work plan is in its completion phase. We have started to build a very strong culture of advertising and promoting businesses. Some of the other activities we have engaged in include sponsorship of Business roundtable, a television program dedicated to the business community; hosting of a monthly business after hours; redevelopment of our website; trade mission; and hosting of business luncheons and workshops.

Of course, the mentioned efforts represent only a few of the initiatives. There has also been significant involvement “behind-the-scenes” in the Chamber’s ongoing mission to develop, represent and promote businesses. For instance, various sub-sectors such as the renewable energy foundation have been set up in anticipation and preparation for the EPA. We also continue to lobby and represent the private sector at policy-making levels.

One of our greatest achievements for the year 2008 is the establishment of working committees, the backbone of our anticipated future successes. Seven (7) committees have already been set in motion. These committees are as follows 1. Business Development and Trade Facilitation 2. Communication and Public Relations 3. Corporate Responsibility 4. Food, Agriculture and Nutrition 5. Finance and Administration 6. Private-Public Partnership and 7. Education and ICT Development.

As we approach 2009, we stand committed and ready to serve the business community in promoting positive economic growth, and to respond to the issues surrounding growth, particularly governmental policies, globalization, technology and management philosophies. A dynamic training and education programme will be implemented and the schedule is filled with trade missions, seminars, clinics, luncheons and so much more.

We will continue to lobby various levels of government and forge and strengthen constructive partnership with private sector partners and the community at large so that we can find ways to share resources and address the many problems affecting the business community. The Chamber will continue to place the needs of small businesses at the top of the agenda so that this sector receives the attention and support that they deserve at all times. We will attempt to bridge the gaps within and between various sectors. Working together we can pool our resources and build productive alliances that will lead to greater economic prosperity and liberty.

We thank our current members for their commitment to the Chamber. Without your continued involvement and support, the Chamber would not be experiencing its current vivacity. We would like you to continue to be a part of all of our activities. Expect to hear more from us as each event unfolds. If you have not been involved previously, I invite you to make some time this year to become involved.

The Chamber is going to be involved with the local business community now more than ever before and we need as many members as possible. We also need to get past members that are still in business to re-join our Chamber so that we can provide the highest value for our business community.

We do wish all a very fulfilling new year. May all your goals be fulfilled and to all persons in the private sector, may your business thrive in the New Year and all to come. Thank you for your continued support. The Council, Staff and I look forward to serving you this year as we work together to achieve the objectives in our work plan.