Forgive one another for the Christ in Christmas’ sake
Christmas Messages
December 19, 2008
Forgive one another for the Christ in Christmas’ sake


A Christmas Message from Pastor Horace Bibby –Temple Emmanuel Spiritual Baptists Church Organization (T.E.S.B.C.O)

As we once again come to the time of year that most people get anxious and excited about, let us look at the reality of a world that is crumbling around us, and areas from which there seems to be no way out.

Let me assure you: Because of the first Christmas when the Christ in the Word came to dwell among us, there is hope. But it would seem that since we changed the ‘C’ in Christmas to ‘X’, the words ‘peace on earth, goodwill towards men’ are no longer with us.{{more}}

This Christmas, as we celebrate, the Church must pay attention to two evils that have become rampant among us: the spirit of deception and the spirit of seduction.

When those who are called Christians hate their brother(s), don’t you know or haven’t you seriously considered that there is where our crime begins?

The political image of Daniel’s day is now the reverse in our state, where it seems everything must be asked from and done by the Head of Government. Why do the so-called Christians allow themselves to dance to this music and bow to the image? Aren’t we believers anymore? This system is wicked!

In all this ‘revolution in education’, haven’t we learnt that the volcano, while providing a wonderful material with which to construct beautiful buildings, at the same time is working underneath and, given the occasion, will destroy the very things that were built from the material it provided?

In our state, one can never be ‘well and ‘revolutionize his/her life’ when there is inward paid and suffering. As believers, we secretly suffer pain because of the system. No, sir, don’t tell me it’s the ‘signs of the times’. Be honest! In our state it’s: Do if as a Christian, believer, converted, non-believer, Rasta, Muslim, name it, you relate to or are affiliated to the system; it’s die if you don’t.

Many of us have suffered throughout the year. Our reputations and character have changed. But thank God for the lighthouse, and because of His grace, I call on all, every last one of the believers who dwell in the land of the shadow of death, to arise for the Light of that second Christmas is upon us.

The wonderful God, the Counsellor, the Mighty God, the Everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace has given us hope and a reason to celebrate. So for this CHRIST-mas, let us put on our spiritual clothes, and from the bowels of our mercies, kindness, humility of mind, meekness, long suffering, forgive one another for the Christ in Christmas’ sake.

May God richly bless you this Season and may good health and prosperity be with all of you for the coming year.