Branding on a budget
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March 31, 2023

Branding on a budget

Regardless of the size of your business, you do branding whether you realize it or not. Your brand is everywhere -from the way your building or store front looks to how you treat your customers. Look at branding as connective tissue, it incorporates every aspect of your business, not just your Marketing; therefore, branding must be incorporated in your overall business strategy.

If you think your business/brand can’t afford branding because you are too small or because you are a non-profit, think again! Maximize your investment with this branding on a budget checklist. This list is not exhaustive.

People-Focused branding considerations

– How do you treat your team?

– What type of behaviour and language is deemed acceptable at your establishment?

– Do you have rules in your employee manual that are in line with your brand?

Dress code:

– Your staff are representatives of your brand, how do you expect them to dress?

– Do you give them a uniform or can they wear t-shirts, shorts, slippers?

Human contact

– How is your business telephone answered?

– How are customersgreeted and treated?

– Are there guidelines for how customers and the public are to be treated?

How do you brand your physical locations?

– Is the look consistent with your brand?

– What’s in your store window (if you are a retail store)

– How is your brand represented in your external and internal signage?

– How are products arranged?

– Is there a security person at your entrance? How does their presence align with your brand?

Physical non-retail locations

– How is the building maintained?

– What do the offices look like?

– What type of furniture and lighting is in the public area and executive offices?

– Is there signage?

Shopping bags

– What do your shopping bags and other packaging look like?

– Is the company information on the shopping bags consistent with your brand?

Branding guidelines for other Marketing formats

– How is your brand represented in photographs?

– Do you use well known people? If so are they aligned with your brand?

Videos, advertising or paid promotion

– Who represents your brand and why

– Are all elements of the video aligned with your brand?

– Does your brand logo appear?

– Is the wording consistent with your brand?

– Is the corporate information included?

Premium items (e.g. bags, shirts, cups)

– Do these items use your brand colours?

– Do they have a consistent level of quality?

– Do they accurately represent your brand?

What are the brand guidelines for off line materials (brochures, business cards & other printed materials)?

– Are your printed items in line with your brand e.g., colour, paper and presentation?

– Do they look consistent? Do they include your logo and related information?

– How does your company information appear?

Are your digital platforms aligned with your branding checklist?

– Is your online presence consistent with your offline brand?

– Does your URL represent your brand?

– Do you continue the same typeface and colour scheme?

– How is content presented?

– Is the writing in line with your brand?

Online communications (email, newsletters, messaging, bills, receipts)

– What is your brand’s email etiquette?

– How do employees use their signature files?

– Are there any guidelines and formats?

Social media

– How is your business presented on social media?

– Who represents your brand?

– Do they get special training?

– Does your brand have social media guidelines?

Who represents your company?

– Do they get special training?

– Do you have regular office hours?

– Does your organization have social media guidelines?

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