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January 19, 2018
2018 resolutions for business success!

Two weeks into 2018 and you are making big plans. Oftentimes, when one hears New Year’s resolutions, one thinks of ‘eating healthier,’ among other things. However, besides your personal resolutions, how about creating impactful resolutions for your business? This is an ideal time to reflect on your business’ progress and plan how you want to grow your business this year. Here are six resolutions that can help in 2018:

1. Resolve to delegate

Delegation is one of the keys to a healthy work-life balance. How do you do this?

Ensure your staff are trained enough to the point where they can take over some of your tasks. The next step is to clearly communicate the objectives and deadlines, so that you don’t end up micromanaging.

2. Resolve to charge what you are worth

If you get the sense that your product or service is undervalued, then it might be time to raise your rates to correspond with the value you bring to the table. How can you implement this? Depending on your business, consider shifting to a ‘packaged value’ approach. This is where you provide tiered packages that give potential customers choices, so they can focus on the value you offer, rather than the amount of time you spent. Your prices can then reflect this value.

3. Learn something new

Choose something new to learn in 2018. Learning a new skill will add a dimension of interest to your life. It will also help you to get out of your comfort zone.

4. Make business strategizing a weekly event

Planning is vital if you want to foster a growing business; it’s easy to get sucked into the day-to-day operations. Business strategizing allows you to take a step back and highlight what worked and what didn’t, while adjusting old goals and setting new ones. Set aside time each week to review your strategies.

5. Drop what’s not working

After business strategizing, you will ascertain what’s not working for your business. Maybe your sales method isn’t performing well, or a specific partnership isn’t working out…. If this is the case, it’s time to drop it.

6. Promote your business regularly and consistently

Small business owners particularly wear a lot of hats, so your marketing may not be at the top of your to do list. You should definitely focus on delivering a great experience, but you shouldn’t forget to market that experience. To attract new customers, you have to make promotion a priority. Take the time to create a marketing plan or hire a marketing expert to help you set it up.

Candice Sealey is the founder & principal marketing & PR consultant at Ignite! a full service marketing & PR consultancy that helps businesses owners/marketers to promote their businesses, to raise awareness, attract new customers and increase sales. We help you work out what marketing is needed, we bring a fresh approach, create a tailored plan and make it happen, leaving you free to concentrate on dealing the other areas of your business.

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