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September 26, 2017
Six tips for creating effective adverts!

Great! You have decided to start advertising! But not all ads are created equally! There are ads and then there are effective ads! What is the difference? Effective adverts capture the attention of potential customers, as well as assist in increased sales/awareness, depending on the aim of your advertising campaign. Check out how you can create an effective advert:
  • Hire a professional to assist with your script – Unless you know how to write effective advertising scripts/copy, hire a professional! You may have an idea of what you want to say, but a professional will be able to produce a creative brief and generate an effective script.
  • Be clear and start strong – Focus on a single, clear message. If it is a print ad, use a simple, catchy headline, a graphic, or both to grab the reader’s attention; for a radio ad, you need the grab the listener’s attention in the first five to eight seconds. If it is an online ad, include keywords and phrases that people are likely to use when searching for a business like yours. If you cannot grab the customer’s attention, you have lost the battle!
  • Give benefits – Your advert must answer the questions: What is in it for me? How will it impact my life? How will it make my life easier, better or happier? How will it solve a problem?
  • Have a clear call to action – Make sure you give all the information needed to take the next step. It’s essential to make it easy for customers to do what you want them to do. So, make sure you give simple, clear directions, include your contact details, store hours, cards accepted etc and consider encouraging quick action by including a deadline.
  • Check your ad – Do your homework! Ensure your ads stand out from competitive ads. Put yourself in the shoes of one of your target customers and have a look at the ad:

Does it grab your attention?

Would it stand out from other ads in the newspaper/radio/tv/online?

Does it make a strong promise that you can keep?

Would it encourage YOU to respond?

In a nutshell, compare your ads with the competition for uniqueness, memorability and incentive to purchase, among other things. Finally, test it on customers and suppliers before you use it in the media.
  • Ensure your ad looks/sounds professional – If it is a radio advert, music selection and voice talent are as critical as the script. The right music can make your product/service more memorable; without a visual medium, everything relies on the voice, tone, emotion and pace – failing to get the right sound for your ad can lead to wasted sales and money! Get a professional to create your graphics or to produce your electronic ads. It will save you time and money in the long run!Candice Sealey is the founder and principal marketing and PR consultant at Ignite! a full service marketing and PR consultancy that offers marketing and PR support, as well as tailored, fresh, innovative strategies to help businesses succeed.

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