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September 12, 2017
Seven ways to make videos work for your business

by Candice Sealey

You have decided to use videos as part of the marketing for your business, but where do you start? How can you get the best bang for your dollar, using video marketing?

Including videos in your promotional activities is more than creating a video advert and it is not just about throwing some videos on your social media page or website. You need to plan and execute to make your videos worth it for you and your customers. Here are some things you should think about as you consider including video in your marketing activities.

  • How will you produce the video? – Do you have the time, equipment and expertise necessary to make your videos look professional? If you have a small businesses, just keeping the operation going is all you can handle. In that case, it’s worth finding a professional who can work with you to create the videos. You will have to pay for it, but your video marketing is an investment that can possibly bring in new leads and sales; a professional will also have people who can help you with the planning of the video content.
  • Make a video that will have people talking and clicking – It may sound obvious, but sometimes bad videos are made as business owners try to skim on cost and expertise. Videos that are poorly lit, that you can barely hear or are deafening, that ramble or don’t make a point are worse than not having a video at all.
  • Know your target audience and script your video! Think about how your video can help the viewer – your customer. Your script is your guide. A script for a video is like the blueprint for your house. It lets you see what the finished product will look like before you even start.
  • Have a clear call to action. What do you want the viewer to do after they have watched your video? Make that detail clear; e.g. should they sign up online? Should they call? This is your opportunity to convert potential customers.
  • Choose the right music – Music selection and inclusion is often ignored, but it can be one of the deal breakers for your video. By choosing the right music, you can engage customers and appear relevant to your audience.
  • Keep it short – Focus on delivering a professional, polished story. Depending on the type of video, you may want to inject some humour. Remember many people have short attention spans, so no rambling!
  • Use your customers – Do your customers love your service or your product? Why not ask them to be in your video? Ensure the customers used reflect your audience in every way, including demographics and lifestyle.

Candice Sealey is the founder and principal marketing and PR consultant at Ignite! a full service marketing and PR consultancy that offers marketing and PR support, as well as tailored, fresh, innovative strategies to help businesses succeed.

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