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September 5, 2017
Business expo/trade show success – Part 2

by Candice Sealey

You have decided that a trade show or business expo is a great way to advertise your business. You have registered and the day is finally here… how can your booth be a success?

1. Motivate, engage and reward your staff

The people staffing your stand will make all the difference when it comes to engaging visitors and generating leads. Being on your feet all day talking to visitors is draining, so how about motivating your staff with competitions and rewarding the best performers?

2. Have good booth etiquette

Stand, don’t sit. There is nothing less inviting than seeing booth representatives sitting and talking to one another or checking their phones. Stand up, move to the front of the booth and look inviting. You never know who your next customer may be!

Make your booth approachable. A booth layout without a table between you and the customer provides less of a barrier for more personal interactions.

Never eat/drink in the booth. When it’s time to eat or drink, leave the booth and eat somewhere else.

3. Collect lead information

Collect as much information as possible about people you meet, in order to focus your post-show follow-up activity. Make use of business cards and classify your leads as a high or low priority.

4. Network and make new contacts

At times, you may have the urge to just focus on speaking with current customers and personal friends. Don’t shy away from making new connections. You should do research before attending an expo; so make a list of companies and people you want to speak with. For those that are most important, schedule a meeting time in advance.

5. Make use of social media

How about live streaming what is happening at your booth? Find out what the event hashtag is, if there is one, so you can connect with other attendees before, during and after the show. Post photos and videos!

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