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August 29, 2017
Ways to make a business expo or trade show work for you – Part 1

by Candice Sealey

Expos and trade shows are excellent ways to connect with your existing customers, as well as to gain new ones, but it only works, if you make it work for you!

1. Set realistic goals

Identify your main focus and what you hope to get out of the event. Is it to increase brand awareness? Is it to sell? Build an email database? If you’ve just launched a new product or service, you may be hoping to carry out demonstrations and jump start sales. Establish your big picture goals and set measurable goals, e.g. getting 50 attendees to disclose their contact information.

2. Invest in your booth

Don’t just set up your booth with the bare minimum. Make it interesting, friendly and approachable. Interactive features, such as demonstrations, prizes and competitions, promotional giveaways and seminars, among other things, can help to draw people in. Have relevant, clear, impactful messaging around your stand. If possible, include some seating.

3. Have professional staff at your booth

Ensure your booth is manned by staff who are friendly, articulate and knowledgeable about your products and services. Having your staff distribute a gift bag or branded giveaways is a sure way to have attendees remember their experience at your booth and follow up after the event. Brief your staff on the correct etiquette when speaking with potential customers.

3. Seek out opportunities for pre-show publicity

Market and promote your trade show or exhibition attendance through your social media, websites, pre-show media and even in your business. If you already have a customer database, send out invitational newsletters or emails about the event. This will help to drive traffic to your stand and encourage attendees to seek you out.

4. Think about ways to receive feedback

How about feedback forms? Prizes for completing surveys? Ask customers if they would like to be added to your database and receive regular updates on products and services.

Candice Sealey is the founder and principal Marketing and PR consultant at Ignite! a full service Marketing and PR consultancy that offers marketing and PR support, as well as tailored, fresh, innovative strategies to help businesses succeed.

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