Police officer on aggravated burglary and assault charges granted bail
Constable Euwen Grant (right) outside the Serious Offences Court on Monday
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October 3, 2022
Police officer on aggravated burglary and assault charges granted bail

A police officer may possibly stand trial at the High Court for allegedly trespassing onto a woman’s property with a knife in 2020.

Euwen Grant, a 29-year-old constable who entered the Royal St Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force in 2013, was taken to the Serious Offences Court today, October 3 on two allegations.

Firstly, he is charged that on August 21, 2020 at Byrea, he entered the dwelling house of Josephine Cox of Byrea as a trespasser and at the time had with him a weapon of offence, a knife.

Secondly, that on the same date and place, he assaulted one Jamron Cox of Byrea, causing him actual bodily harm.

The charges are laid indictably, meaning that a preliminary inquiry must be conducted before a decision is made concerning whether the accused stands trial before judge and jury at the High Court.

Therefore, Grant was not required to say “Guilty” or “Not Guilty” when the charges were read to him.

The prosecution did not object to bail being granted to Grant, but Sergeant 172 Atnel Ash asked for certain conditions to be attached.

Therefore, Chief Magistrate Rechanne Browne allowed bail in the sum of $8000 with one surety. She further ordered that there be no contact with the complainants in the matters, and that the Colonarie/Layou resident report to the Layou police station once a week, every Friday.

Grant is also obligated to surrender his travel documents to the court before he can be released from custody.

There were persons who indicated an intention to sign as surety for the officer’s bail.