Public sector unions announced on Tuesday that an agreement had been reached with Government on salary increases and tax adjustments. From left: Gweneth Baptiste Stoddard, the first Vice President of the Public Service Union(PSU); Elroy Boucher, President of the PSU; Oswald Robinson, President of the SVG Teachers' Union, and Corporal Germano Douglas, Chairman of the Police Welfare Association(PWA)
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September 20, 2022
Unions, government agree on terms of wage increases and tax adjustments (+video)

The Government and workers’ unions have come to an agreement on the terms of wage increases and tax adjustments.

At a press conference on Tuesday, September 20, President of the St Vincent and the Grenadines Teachers Union Oswald Robinson announced that there will be a wage increase over three years; an increase in the standard deduction for Personal Income Tax; and a reduction of the top marginal rate for Personal Income Tax.

The details are as follows:

1)    A wage increase of seven percent (7%) over three years as follows:

(a) FY 2023 – 2.5%

(b) FY 2024 – 2.0%

(c) FY 2025 – 2.5%

2) An increase in the Personal Income Tax standard deduction to $22,000 [from $20,000]

3) A reduction of the top Personal Income Tax marginal rate to 28% [from 30%]