Ronnie Miller, also known as Youtube rider, who crashed on his bike last Sunday, is in dire need of blood
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June 17, 2021
Blood donors needed for crashed biker

A 27-year-old biker, Ronnie Miller, who is still struggling after sustaining broken legs and a fractured arm in a crash at Calliaqua last Sunday, is appealing to the public to donate blood.

“I was supposed to do surgery tomorrow, but my blood count still so low, …[they] have to postpone the surgery,” he commented from his bed at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital (MCMH) on Wednesday, June 16.

Miller, also known as ‘Youtube rider’, had surgeries on his legs after his accident on Sunday, but says they pulled him out of the Operating Theatre when his blood count went low.

Ronnie Miller crashed on to the porch of the Calliaqua Police Station last Sunday

“I’m in a dire condition of blood and if I don’t get within a certain period of time…” it’s useless, he said.

“…If you out there and you know me personally…” he noted, “…It’s not much I asking, just your time to come donate a pint of blood.”

He said that the condition he is in right now, “…it’s not looking good on my behalf ‘cause my body is fighting to keep itself alive.”

As he spoke, he continued to sweat, because it is a struggle to sit up. Both his legs have ‘steel’ in them, and the kneecap in his left leg is shattered. He says that the surgery for the left arm will include putting steel in it as well. The surgeries will be an “on and off” situation until he is fully patched up, Miller explained.

“…If there’s anybody out there who know me voice and know the condition I’m in, I’m in a dire condition for blood and if it’s not too much to ask…all bikers, motorists, accident do happen to all of us…” he noted, asking “If y’all could come together and lend a helping hand it would be much appreciated because if I continue along this road, I don’t think I go mek it into next month.”

The patient said he has been told that for each bag of blood he receives, that is equivalent to six persons who have donated.

The blood bank at the MCMH, which operates on a replacement system, meaning that donors ‘replace’ blood already given to patients, is open between 7 am and 5 pm.

Individuals must be 17 years and older to donate, and past the antibiotic stage. They must also have had a recent meal.

An interview process will be conducted and some of the queries made will be related to travel, vaccination, medical history and sexual lifestyle. Persons with tattoos are allowed to give blood, but questions will be asked about this, as well as other body modifications.

Blood levels will be analysed.