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April 18, 2021
Woman births baby on hospital floor

Local health authorities are conducting investigations into the events surrounding an incident that allegedly resulted in a woman giving birth to her baby on the floor of the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital in Kingstown.

A video began making its rounds on social media today, April 18 of a woman sitting on a bench in the triage section of the Maternity A ward of the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital, with a small pool of blood on the floor between her legs and the cut umbilical cord hanging from her vagina.

A man who said he was the woman’s partner, who was filming the video, could be heard saying “my child born on the ground there” and that the baby fell on its head.

The man said they had been waiting for some time and did not get assistance from nurses.

The Ministry of Health, in a release issued this afternoon said “the mother, baby and daddy have been assessed and are stable without any immediate signs of any adverse effects due to the mode of delivery”.

It also said that further examinations will continue.

“We are currently conducting investigations into the events surrounding this unfortunate and unusual incident with an aim to implementing corrective measures where necessary to ensure that there is no repeat of such an incident,” the release said.