Couple Shot Dead In Parked Vehicle 
Lionel “Gobler” George (right) and his girlfriend Deneisha “Gazaden” Corridon were shot dead Saturday morning
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May 24, 2020

Couple Shot Dead In Parked Vehicle 

On May 22, Denesia “Gazaden” Corridon posted on her Facebook profile “you easy to dead when you friendly”.

A few hours later, at about 1 a.m. on Saturday, Corridon and her boyfriend Lionel “Gobler” George were shot multiple times while parked in a vehicle at Arnos Vale just outside an eating establishment.

Corridon died on the spot, while George was taken to the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital (MCMH) where he was pronounced dead.

A third person, a security guard, was shot in the leg and survived.

Corridon, a controversial figure on social media has been the topic of numerous social media discussions, the most recent being her reaction when George was shot in November 2019.

She had posted photos of a firearm on her Facebook page and said certain things.

The post is said to have triggered a police search of her home, which turned up nothing.

On the morning of Tuesday November 5, 2019, the Lower Middle Street area erupted in chaos when a man with an umbrella, what appeared to be dreadlocks and a gun, shot George in the area of C Prescott & Sons Ltd.

The assailant fired four shots, some of which struck George, a resident of Rockies, in the head.

Shortly after the attack, cellular phone recordings began making the rounds on social media showing George bleeding profusely from his head while being held by Corridon. The two were said to be unpacking clothing for sale when the attack took place at about 9:02 a.m. George survived the attack.

Corridon recently spoke about this incident in a May 21 Facebook post where she said no one helped her that day when George was shot.

She said in her post, “The last time I dream about my child father getting shoot up infront me and I was the only one to help him up peacemo and I wake up crying and call gublar and I tell gublar and a week after he got shoot up 5 times and I was the one to help him when everybody watch him on the ground in all the blood I saved his life the father was telling me something and I still went about so that’s why when people dream about me I tell them do not tell me because I does see things before it even happen I’m more careful now I’m wiser I wont make the same mistakes twice the father does put me to see things especially when people wanna harm me or anybody close to me so please when yall dream about me do not tell me say a pray over me instead than telling me I already know not to trust people I dont have friends around me I dont trust nothing or noone and the almighty know my heart he know the person I am so he dont play about me …God dont sleep.”

Lejay “Soups” Alexander, a resident of Glen/Brighton was charged with the attempted murder of George.

George was himself no stranger to the law. In 2018, George, 25 at the time, was charged with attempting to murder Tevin Williams, also from Rockies, by shooting him in the chest.

Williams survived the 2018 attack but was murdered on September 9, 2019. He was shot in the neck by a hooded masked man in vicinity of ACE in Kingstown at around 8 p.m. while he was liming with friends.

On November 21, 2018, George was named as a suspect in the shooting death of Sabitree Lyttle along with three other persons. He was never charged.

Lyttle was shot multiple times at the shop and home that she shared with her husband and children.

Also, George became a person of interest in a Saturday, October 13, 2018 midnight attack in Paul’s Avenue which left four men shot, with one, Len “President” Stowe, succumbing to his injuries.

George was also a person of interest in a 2019 shooting that resulted in a Frenches resident being hospitalized.

His girlfriend is also no stranger to controversy. She became the topic of discussion on talk shows last year when she drove her vehicle into the yard of a Villa resident allegedly to confront the woman’s daughter over a relationship with her (Corridon) child’s father Jomorni “Small Man” Tash.

The homeowner smashed the windscreen of Corridon’s vehicle.

After the incident, Tash phoned into Hot 97.1 FM’s AM Mayhem show to give his version of the event. He claimed that he had placed a restraining order against Corridon, who on numerous occasions had lambasted him on Facebook.

Police are investigating the shooting.