Charred body of a man found at Stubbs
Curious onlookers gathered outside the house at Stubbs where the charred body of a resident was found. Inset Veral James
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November 18, 2018
Charred body of a man found at Stubbs

Police are treating as this country’s 32nd homicide for 2018, the discovery this morning of a charred body at Stubbs.
The body of 60-year-old Veral James was discovered in his yard some time after 7 this morning. He was lying on his back with a concrete block on his head.

Police investigators are said to have removed a container of gas from the scene.
Residents of the area describe James as a friendly person who did not make trouble but would get rowdy when he drank alcohol.

James worked with a garbage disposal business and trimmed yards for a living.