Thanks for your concern, my life is not threatened – Small Man
Jomorni 'Small Man' Tash
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August 23, 2018
Thanks for your concern, my life is not threatened – Small Man

A Villa resident, while thankful that the public is concerned about his safety, does not want persons to worry about him.
Jomorni “Small Man” Tash intervened in the abduction of four teenagers on August 17 and was featured in an article published online by SEARCHLIGHT on August 21. Many persons opined that by mentioning Tash’s name and publishing his photograph, the newspaper put his life in jeopardy.
But Tash, in response to the public’s concerns, commented on Thursday, “My life is not threatened. I trod by the Most High. It ain’t have no man on earth can threaten my life.”
“I am thankful for the people’s concern about my life but the thing is, the man them see my face and they might know me, but I don’t business them,” Tash told SEARCHLIGHT.
He added, “Everybody has one life to live. It better to save a life than watch somebody lose them life. If you doing good, you doing good.”
Tash said that he lives by the saying “fear no evil” and to him, being identified is not a big problem.

Jomorni ‘Small Man’ Tash

“That my name and face was in the paper that ain’t no problem because I give the right away for that to happen and most of all, the guys them see my vehicle and see my face so it ain’t make no big difference. Vincy is a small place.
“I really appreciate the public concern about my safety, but it is okay,” Tash reiterated while adding that he would intervene again once it involves saving someone’s life.
“I would do it and not be afraid to do it. Most of all thanks for the public concern but that is just the life.”
Last Friday around 11’o clock, four young women were sitting in an Escudo jeep which was parked at Villa on the sidewalk near to the Mariners Inn, when they were accosted by three armed bandits who robbed them.
After the men relieved the young women of three cellular phones and money, they forced the women to remain in the vehicle and drove off with them, in the direction of Kingstown.
Reports are that one of the girls began arguing with one of the men, while slowly pulling up the vehicle’s hand brake. It is alleged that she also turned on the vehicle’s hazard lights. SEARCHLIGHT understands her actions angered the man and he told his companion who was sitting in the backseat, holding a gun, to shoot the young woman.
The driver then pulled into the gap opposite Rose Cottage at Villa, stopped the vehicle and was attempting to pull two of the young women out of the vehicle, when the other two females ran, leaving their two friends behind. It was at that time that Tash saw what was taking place and intervened, causing the robbers to flee the scene.