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March 12, 2018
Two more charged in connection with Redemption Sharpes murder

A 15-year-old is now one of three people charged as conspirators in the recent murder of Collrise Pompey of Redemption Sharpes.

The 15-year-old and Mwata Henry, both of Redemption Sharpes, were charged on Monday that they did, between the dates of February 28 and March 2, agree with others on a course of conduct, which if carried out as agreed, would amount to the commission the murder of Pompey.

The offence was laid indictably against the two males, and neither was required to plea.

Prosecutor Adolphus Delplesche objected to bail for both defendants. Henry, he stated, was present in the Serious Offences Court that morning for bail review on other offences, the new offence now being added to the list.

Henry is of interest to the police in the investigation of the death of Pompey, and the prosecutor stated that the investigator was of the view that if bail were to be granted, witnesses would be ‘interfered with’. Some witnesses had already expressed fear to the police in the matter, Delpesche reported.

He extended this objection to the teenager’s bail, citing the same reasons. He asked that the matter be given a chance to be looked into unhindered. Delpesche stated that the Crown “need a little time to properly investigate the death of this human being.”

Defense lawyer, Israel Bruce is representing the 15-year-old and pushed for bail to be granted to him.

He stated that to cite that a person would interfere with investigations has to be ‘hinged’ on an ‘historical occurrence’, and that there were other options available, such a bail with conditions.

He pointed out that the accused being 15 years old, he attends school, and asked that Chief Magistrate Rechanne Browne-Matthias not let him stay out of school simply because he is accused.

Henry spoke up after this, saying that even though he had no lawyer to speak for him, he would like to speak for himself. He stated that he had never disrespected an order of the court in any way and had complied before with reporting and curfew conditions. He said he “don’t know what the prosecutor saying about interference of investigation,” suggesting that those who told the police about him did not like him.

“All this prosecutor doing is his work!” Delplesche responded, rising to address the accused.

Browne-Matthias explained to the defendants that on a balance of the considerations of public interest and their interest, she would not be granting them bail, but she would also not be putting off the issue of bail ad infinitum.

Henry’s bail is to be reviewed next week Monday, the teenager’s bail is to be reviewed this Friday.

Dwayne Stephens had been first to be charged with conspiracy to murder Pompey when he appeared before the Court last week Tuesday, March 6, and remains in custody. His bail is set to be reviewed tomorrow, Tuesday.

Collrise ‘Quinn’ Pompey was shot and killed at around 8:30 on the morning of March 2, while waiting for public transport near the Redemption Sharpes playing field.

An autopsy was carried out the following Monday, March 5, which determined that the bullet went through his left cheek and severed his spine at the base of his neck.