Special birthday wishes going out  to Theresa
January 11, 2013
Special birthday wishes going out to Theresa

Fri Jan 11, 2013

Theresa Baptiste

God bless you on your birthday,

And each day all year through,

For all the loving things you are

And all the things you do.

God bless you for your warmth and love,

And more than any other,

God bless you just for being you —

My dear loving Mother!

Go mummy, it’s your birthday – STOP! oh dear, she gone again! lol.

Birthday wishes to Theresa Baptiste of North Union, celebrating today, 11th January, from your husband, children and grandchildren. Well, like I always say, LIFE is far better than any other gift. Still, enjoy; this time I’d bring Welch’s grape juice it’s more expensive…lol.