Guess why November 27th is so special?
November 26, 2010
Guess why November 27th is so special?


Kaila Pooky Straker

Because a godly child was born on that date. Three years have flown so quickly as if it were yesterday. Celebrating is Kaila Pooky Straker, of Vermont/Bagga. Greetings from mom Dinga, step-dad Jeff, daddy Dalf, sister Tanisha, brother Omarry, aunts Zazel, Tamique, Christine, Shika, Otisha, uncle Tambo, Uthan, Cameron, grandfather Stanley, Sambo, grandmother Clothilda, tanty, cousins Hannah, Chrisbert, Arlette, Jomiah, Cutbert, friends Neaty, Yanesia. Hope she will live to see many more birthdays. Remember, baby, mummy loves you dearly. Big up 100%