Beauty Beat
October 12, 2007

Choosing the right hair cut

When choosing a haircut, it should be one that complements and suits your face. One must take into consideration the shape of your face. To analyze the shape of your face, pull your hair away from your face and wrap your face in a towel or head scarf. Look in the mirror at the proportions of your face and its angles. Now check for the widest areas, narrowest, and the balance of the features.{{more}} A quick way to analyze your face shape is to determine if it is predominantly wide or long. Look for the features you might want to bring out and those you might want to deemphasize.

An important thing to remember is that weight and volume draw attention to an area. If you have a wide face, hairstyle with fuller sides makes the face appear wider, while a narrow shape will give length to the face. On the other hand, if you have a long face, a style with fullness on the side will add width. So in order to balance out face shapes, you need to add or remove weight or volume in other areas.

Your profile is important, too, how you look from the side. A stylist should be able to help you with this one, since you cannot see yourself from the side. The features that should be looked for are a nice jaw line or lovely neck, or features to draw attention away from, such as prominent or receding chin, a double chin, or a prominent nose. The hair cut you choose should be flattering, and draw attention away from the not so good features.

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