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February 23, 2007
Cleaning your face

As you know everybody was introduced to that “bar of soap” for getting the dirt out. Well, we did get the dirt out and cleaned the hair, face, neck, body and feet with the same bar of soap. The skin would feel taint, appear tight, and ashen on dark skin tones and leave a reddish glow on light complexions. Most soap bars are highly alkaline and usually the skin would become dry, irritated, patchy blotchy and discoloured. If you don’t clean your skin efficiently, you can clog pores and prevent the removal of greasy dead cells while leaving a residue on your skins surface.{{more}}

Your first step toward healthy skincare and maintenance is cleansing your skin properly. Clean skin imparts a soft, smooth, comfortable glow and really feels good.

There are three basic steps to any quality skin regimen.

1. Cleanse: select a cleanser that meets the needs to your type skin.

2. Tone: products used for toning the skin are called astringents, skin fresheners, refining lotions or clarifying lotions. A toner rinses off any cleanser or soap film on the face.

3. Moisturize: moisturizers do different things for different skin types, however they will do the following for all skin types become a sealer to hold skin moisture in (emollients) and draw moisture from the air to the skin to help keep it lubricated.

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