Beauty Beat
February 16, 2007

Natural features of black hair

1. Black women retain their hair longer as they mature in comparison with any other group of people.

2. A black woman can style her hair in more ways than any other woman.

3. Black hair has natural built-in body owing to its curly wave pattern. African hair comes in some thirty or more textures based on tribal origin.{{more}}

If you consider working with your hair, keep your face in mind. Too much hair moving forward toward the center of your head with band falling into your eyes, will show age or your face more than any other hairstyles. On the other hand, hair moving away from the center of your forehead takes years off your face.

If you have a low forehead and a short neck, you can give the illusion of adding more height by styling your hair high, with medium curls to the sides of your head. When a woman’s hair is long, all anyone sees is her head and shoulders; they don’t see her neck. If your neck is long and you have a high forehead, style your hair to fall into soft curls, some to the side and some across the forehead in a sculptured fashion.

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