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February 2, 2007
Water body beauty

The healing power of water has been used in beauty therapy for years.

Here’s how to use your bath or shower to relax soothe, smooth, energize or detoxify your body.


The ultimate relaxing bath is around 38 degrees centigrade; that is the temperature that’s been shown to relax the muscles and stimulate the production of calming chemicals in the brain. Add soothing bath oils containing lavender.{{more}}

Before you get in the bath gently exfoliate with loofah, as this will help your body absorb relaxing oils a lot more effectively.

Turn down the lights, pop some candles around the bath if you like or float some flower petals on the top. Stay in there for 20 to 30 minutes, enjoying the peace and silence.


Back and shoulder aches seem to be a common part of many people’s working lives, but you can get help to heal these things in the bath.

Epsom or sea salts contain ingredients that, when absorbed by the body, have an anti-inflammatory action. Add to this the healing benefits of hot water and it’s easy to see how a bath can soothe away the aches and pains of the day.


Baths can help you create super smooth skin, if you know how. Try out the following suggestions:

Start with damp skin and apply an exfoliating scrub or you can make your own scrub of sugar and lotion to remove the dead skin cells.

Run a bath that’s warm enough to sit in comfortably, but not too hot (hot water will only dehydrate skin).

Add a pint of milk or cream. These contain ingredients like whey protein which hydrate the skin.

Relax for 20 minutes and gently massage the water into your skin. Get out and lightly pat yourself dry.

Before the last drops of water absorb into your skin apply a rich body lotion.

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