Beauty Beat
November 17, 2006

Your skin protects you

Your skin can be your best friend, it is your confident, and it is your protector. It takes all types of abuse, and yet it is quickly ready to forgive. It keeps out the harsh external environment – that is bacteria – while it protects your vital organs. It helps maintain your body temperature by preventing heat from escaping too rapidly, which would be harmful or even fatal. {{more}} Your skin stores nutrients for future protection. Your sin is versatile and sensitive. It reacts to stress, pain, illness, pleasure and happiness as well as to light and dark, hot and cold. It stretches and shrinks wrinkles and un-wrinkles.

The outer most portion of the epidermis consists of dead cells. That is why sometimes, after washing your face and drying it with a face towel, you may notice flaking skin on your forehead. Your face cast off this outer most layer of skin in pieces. As the outer layer is dispelled, an under layer takes it place. This process constantly renews your skin. Air conditioning draws moisture from the skin which is very stressful to your face and triggers the aging process prematurely. The skin also takes a beating from the ultraviolet rays, which leaves the skin sunburn, having a healthy look, that peels if the exposure was to intense, this constant negative stress breaks down the face’s connection tissue.

Other natural assaults such as those from bacteria and environmental impurities must also be prevented from getting below the skin’s surface. Your face contents with major stresses that causes wrinkles and lines and other skin disorders, but it can’t fight the “good fight” alone, it needs your help.

• Auldine A.K. Browne –

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