Beauty Beat
June 16, 2006
Do’s and don’ts for oily skin


1. Do drink eight glasses of water daily.

2. Do use only water-based oil free fragrance free products.

3. Do use astringents as often as you can – day and night.

4. Do use a clay mask at least twice weekly in spring/summer, and once a week in fall/winter.{{more}}

5. Do avoid fatty food.


1. Don’t use oil-based creams, lotions or soaps.

2. Don’t use acne medicated cleansing pads as an astringent. You’ll dry out areas around the eyes, temple, nose, and chin.

3. Don’t use abrasive cleansing pads, buff puff or loofahs on your face frequently.

4. Don’t use pure alcohol, with hazel, hydrogen, peroxide, or concentrated lemon juice as an astringent.

By Auldine A.K. Browne
Cosmetologist, Make-up Artist & Tutor Barnet Fair Hair Fashion
456-4496 or 530-2334