Beauty Beat
April 28, 2006

Tips to remember about our lips

Many beautiful black women have the idea and complain about their lips looking awful, but the truth is our lips are unique. They stand out. The fact is a black woman’s lip can be her greatest beauty asset if she follows this simple advice:{{more}}

1. Don’t use a lip pencil to line your lips.

2. Enlarge the look of small lips by wearing dark lipstick colors and avoiding pink and other light colors.

3. Minimize the size of exceptionally full lips by using matching finish lipsticks in neutral shades and by avoiding lip gloss.

4. Before putting on your lipstick, apply a moisturizer.

5. If your lips are not too full, use a gloss over your lipstick to even out the creviced lines.

6. Even out any lip discolorations by blending in a dark shade of lipstick that matches the brown of the darker lip color.

By Auldine A.K. Browne

Cosmetologist, Make-up Artist & Tutor Barnet Fair Hair Fashion

456-4496 or 530-2334