Beauty Beat
March 31, 2006

Myths about hair growth

1. Close chipping, shaving, trimming, cutting, or singeing has an effect on the rate of hair growth. (This is not true).

2. The application of ointments and oils increases hair growth (not true). Ointments and oils lubricate the hair shaft, but they do not feed the hair. Nutrition is an essential factor that encourages hair growth. {{more}}

3. Hair grows after death. (This is not so). The skin contracts, thus there is the appearance of hair growth.

4. Singeing the hair seals in the natural oil (This is not true).

The hair shaft is exposed significantly to several damaging factors.

1. Physical damage:

Styling techniques i.e. tight pony tails, weaving methods, rubber bands, hair ornaments, combs, brushes, shampooing, artificial heat (blow dryers, curling irons, pressing combs, rollers).

2. Environment:

(a) Sun (UV Rays)

(b) Humidity

(c) Wind

(d) Heating and air conditioning units

3. Chemical

(a) Alkaline substances – hydroxide and ammonia relaxers, tints, bleaches, permanent wave solutions, certain shampoos.

(b) Chlorine (pipes, swimming pools).