Doh forget to pray
Bassy - Love Vine
October 20, 2023
Doh forget to pray

Deys ah very interesting story in de Bible about ah man who prayed to de Lord to grant him and his wife ah child. Not only did God answer his Prayer, but his wife became pregnant wid twins, two boys. Talk bout fighting and kicking in ah mother’s womb, dem two boys were having ah “tug-o-war” even at birth. De very concerned pregnant mother enquired of de Lord what was going on. And the Lord said unto her: “Two nations are in your womb, two peoples shall be separated from your body;

“One people shall be stronger than the other, And the older (Esau) shall serve Jacob, the younger.” Jacob’s sons became founders of de Tribe of Israel. On de other hand, de Edomites who are descendants of Esau, great military leaders wid ah burning hatred for de Jews. Dat bitter hatred dat was started four thousand years ago, keeps manifesting itself till today, descendants of both Nay-shuns are involved in what may very well turn out to be another world war in de Middle East.

It is an old and long story dat is covered in de Bible beginning in de book of Genesis chapter 25. My take is dat Jacob was ah can-tankerous scamp since in his mother’s womb; after birth he was crooked and envy-us, robbed his brother Esau of his Birth-right; Robbed his Father-in-law of his best sheep. De man even picked ah fight wid an Angel we read, locked de Angel neck and would not let go, even though his hip got knocked out ah place, he insisted dat de Angel must bless him, and was so he got blessed and his name changed to Israel. And to dis day, de Israelites or Jews tell dem-selves dat dey are children of God more dan any and every body else. Still when God sent His Son Jesus on earth to die foh everybody’s sins, guess who stoned Him? And when Jesus told dem dat He was de Son of God, guess who said He was ah demon possessed, mad Man? And when dey could not get ah hold ah Jesus, dey did ah Jacob trick, dey bribed Judas, one ah Jesus’ disciples to betray Him. And finally when Pontius Pilot de Roman Prefect who presided over de Trial of Jesus, found no fault in Jesus; guess who say to crucify Him? Dis also an old and long story too, over two thousand years ago. But yuh could read all about it in de Gospels.

So let us as believers in Christ, yes we who call we-self Christians, condemn all the atrocities in de Middle East, Atrocities against humanity. Raping our women, children actually. Lie-Za say to condemn de Rape Rally on March 2 2008 in SVG, when supporters held a rally to show solidarity with their political leader.

Ley me sick to de war in de Middle East. Let us condemn de senseless Bombing of homes, hospitals, cities! De widespread destruction of lives, literally slaughtering innocent people, men. women and children and even animals taking place in Israel, Palestine, de Holy Land and doh forget Ukraine. But most of all don’t forget to pray unceasingly. Prayer is ah sure work of God in progress. and wid dat is gone ah gone again.


One Love Bassy

  • Bassy Alexander is a land surveyor, folklorist and social commentator.