Welcome to Afreximbank of Nigeria
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August 11, 2023
Welcome to Afreximbank of Nigeria

Before he died, Lie-Za said her Great-grand-father had told her an African Story of Slavery how many years ago, in de Seventh Year 1492, de Europeans went crazy on ah sailing spree, say dey exploring foh territories unknown.

Dey raped, and enslaved peaceful loving people, banishing dem off dey fertile and fruit-full home-land. But when dey could not get de land to yield de cotton, de sugar, de Rum and food, dey mounted Plan B, Ah team ah Portuguese and English pirates invaded de East African coast looking foh cheap labourers. Dey Plundered villages, Raped and Evacuated ah free people by every conceivable means including purchase. De Records show dat African Chiefs sold off male and female members of dey tribes into slavery, sent dem on ah Trans-Atlantic Cruise to de New World, de Americas, therein began dat wicked period of His-story we know as Slavery. Dat lasted for approximately 300 years -100 years less dan de 400 years de Israelites spent in Egypt bondage.

But Slowly and Surely de Spirit of God would have given an Ear to de plight of de slaves when dey petitioned Heaven’s Gate foh Mercy and Freedom.

Emancipation was granted in 1838, but de real plight for future survival of de freed Slaves was not addressed. We know foh certain however dat as time goes by Retribution will deal wid all undeserving beneficiaries of de estates.

Ah lot has been said about European countries dat benefited from Slavery, leaving de Carry-Beyond under-developed wid no tangible evidence of Reparation or Compensation what-so-ever from dem Nay-shuns. Of course dey is de PM’s address on August 1 at de “Theme-Less” Carry-Come Block-O to commemorate Emancipation, way he men-shunned de need to “Re-double de Reparation Exercise.” Zero doubled or re-doubled is not even ah bigger Zero! Lie-Za seriously come-plain dat PM Gone-Soft is spending so much time abroad people wondering if his house roof leaking. Some saying dat Deputy PM Dum-Gumry is getting so much practice as Acting PM, dat he is beginning to look like Prime Ministerial material, some suggest he should run.

Happy to hear though, of ah high power team of Bankers from Afreximbank of Nigeria dat visited, stating concrete plans to set up ah Big Branch hey in SVG. Lie-Za spirits gone sky high since she heard dat 86 year ole Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, ah former President of Nigeria, and Southern Baptist Christian, is part of de delegation. She say how she did shout big time foh ALBA (bank), and does mek big thing if ah lickle bank branch from FCIB or RBTT come hey to set up. So why not do de same foh we Black People Bank. She suggesting dat First St Vincent Bank site dat ECCB closed-down is ah good spot for her African Bank. She claims she is Southern Baptist also and wants to meet Chief Obasanjo. She believes he must have returned to pay-in some ah de profits dem former Chiefs made in de selling of Slaves to Traders. Whole week she singing Chalkdust Calypso chorus line: “Ah want me grand-father back-pay. Why Not? And wid dat is gone ah gone gain.

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