Long live de guides and scout movement
Bassy - Love Vine
April 28, 2023

Long live de guides and scout movement

Congrats to de Girl Guides Association of SVG for hosting ah successful 5-Day workshop dubbed “Start Up SVG,” designed on empowering 37 young Guides with Entrepreneurial Skills.

According to de Searchlight Midweek, de program was funded by de embassy of Tie-One (ICDF), and de lead Facilitator Sade Jemmon-Forde of Bo-bid-us provided guidance on how to develop ideas, transform and strengthen these ideas into business including existing businesses.

Seems like de course was Powerful and Engaging as within the short period, five groups formed from among participants, benefitted from creating dey own simulated businesses that were able to show profits.

Ah dey hey day-dreaming how in my days as Boy Scout, de Girl Guides were like our sisters in de Movement. De Aims ad Objectives of both movements are identical: “ To contribute to the development of young people in achieving their full physical, intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual potentials as individuals, as responsible citizens and as members of local, national and international communities.”

Ah recall also how back in dem days how boys were shy. Ah wonder what would ah bin de outcome if our Scout Troup was invited by de Girl Guides Association to share dis One-dah-full “Skills foh life” training exercise wid our twin sisters.

Wow! Lie-Za say, foh certain ah couple ah we might ah ended up in serious business partnerships Long live de Scout and Guides Movement.


De street on which I live in Murray’s Village has produced four very outstanding ladies who would qualify foh Pioneers in Community Building. Dey are all gone to de great beyond but not before leaving ah legacy foh honest hard-wuk.

First ley me list dem in chronological order like who departed first from dis side to heaven. First to go was Jean Lynch, ah former Office Attendant; den Moreen Joyette, Home-maker; Pam Edwards Office Attendant who did ah bit ah sewing; and Clare Cornwall Restaurant Cook, specialist in Roti Skin.

Dey had ah lot in common. All were single mothers who with pride, sweat and toil, built dey own lovely houses. Took loving care of dey children and grand-children, not to men-shun nieces and nephews of some deceased sister or brother. Dey lived on de same side ah de street about 100 yards apart.

But dey greatest commonality was in dey entrepreneurial skills, dey Cottage Industry making delicacies and dainties. Dey all delivered good body punches: Rum Punch, Punch de Crème and Peanut Punch. Some real sweet women ah had foh near-bars who specialized in any and everything dats made wid sugar: “ground nut and coconut sugar cakes; tambrand balls; damsel syrup, tullum, tart, potato and bread pudding. Black cake, cross bun.”

Dey delivered good quality products dat were made available on de leading Supermarket shelves.

Chocolate sticks and roti skin were de only non sugar product. Whether Sweet or Sour dey was ah great demand foh de Ladies products. Market was good at home and abroad. Die-us-poorans returning foh vacation, would storm de village long before departure time, to collect dey “Send dis Send dat” Vincy delicacies to take back My Ladies, de Four Queens of Murray’s Village, by virtue of dey Humility, Honest and Hard- Work on dey products, have earned foh demselves ah household name in SVG and de Die-us- poorer. We recognize Laura of Laura Catering, de daughter of Pam, she has taken up way her mom left off wid ah delicious Pizza at E.T. Joshua complex.

But sadly dis Sunday we will say farewell to Clare de last of de Quartet of Pioneers. She literally took ill on de job, while delivering her last batch ah Roti Skin and Rum Punch. Clare’s middle- name was Wuk. Faithful and loving mother and grand-mother of ah house-full. Villagers will remember her always. And wid dat is gone ah gone again.

One Love Bassy


Bassy Alexander is a land surveyor, folklorist and social commentator.