SVG tie-two Tie-One
Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves
Bassy - Love Vine
April 21, 2023

SVG tie-two Tie-One

Any Reporter/Journalist covering de Pry-minister’s latest disturbing ramblings, would have stories to cover foh de rest ah de year. Wasn’t it pathetic listening him outline or out-ah-line details of his most recent Deep-see “Hook in de Gill” Fishing expede-ah-shun wid de SVG Tie-Two Tie-One loan. We does mock I-fan Own-heel, Green Party boss whose Lamentation is dat fishers of Tie-One and Jah-Pan in add-dish-shun to using Seines and Nets foh small frys, also go deep foh de Big Fish using special bait wid “hook-line and sink-her,” dat’s how de lazy Big Fishes like SVG gets caught wid ah “hook in the Gill!” My deceased step-father, de late Charles Medford was ah lucky Fisherman, he uses to carry me fishing in de deep outside Cane Garden Point, using ah method called ‘Bottom Line” going foh big etccuda, King Fish, Ocean Gar etc. Wid de ‘Hook in de Gill’, de fish has no choice, either to fight painfully and wrench de hook from de stomach or struggle in de water until it drowns, in either case de poor fish dies.

So if yuh didn’t quite overs when yuh heard our PM teking great pride in comparing his “ last Will and Testimony” his Loan Agreement with Taiwan saying it is like “putting ah Hook in de Gill of anybody who wants to change de relationship between Tie-One Tie-Two SVG, (suggesting NDP planning to switch diplomatic relations from Taipei to Beijing); Go ahead if you think you’re a big fish, leh we see how you can deal with this,” Lie-Za buts in and says dat Vin-sin-shuns might do foolishness, but we not an evil and wicked people, we are grateful to our friends, in particular de SVG Tie-Two Tie-One connect-shun. And as soon as dis present corrupt regime is no more, de people of SVG will be friends of all. Never again will de US Ambassador in B’dos describe our leader as “a master of contradictions, who continues to court whatever foreign government he can in order to secure financial and other benefits for this country”. So we’ll honour every deaths, if we doh have de cash we will repay in kind. Acquire Young Island and Baliceaux Island and deed dem to Tie-One and de Garifunas accordingly.


Somebody told Lie-Za our man in Carry-Come calling foh capital punishment, hanging! she said his head is all screwed-up wid fear, because every church he goes, Preachers telling de congregation: “ Confess your sins and turn from your wicked ways.” And he is taking it personal. Then she asked whatever happened to “de Good Lickle Cat-lick Boy” dat went to Colonarie Roman Cat-lickk School.

Den she asked about “de Good Cat-lick Boy” who 18 years ago went on ah 10 day Re-cheat at Mt St Benedict foh Mas, worship, prayer, rest, reflection, writing and seeking Benedictine guidance.

Not done, she asked where is de Prime Minister who, when Chavez asked him to try chewing ah Coca Leaf, smartly replied dat he was “de Good Cat-Lick Boy.”

Still pressing, she asked what ever happened to “de Good Cat-lick Boy” who 10 years ago took his family to de Vatican to meet Pope Francis. Their discussions focused on matters of common interest such as the Defense of Life and the Family, Education and Interreligious Dialogue. Finally she asked “why are we going back to Capital Murder- oops- Punishment, and why there’s so much contradiction on just about every matter?” Good question. And wid dat is gone ah gone again

One Love Bassy

Bassy Alexander is a land surveyor, folklorist and social commentator.