Way Hut Eye Mek Nose Run Water
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October 7, 2022
Way Hut Eye Mek Nose Run Water

Ah saw ah post on Facebook way my Brother-in-Law, Fidel Caesar published dat after wuking close to 40 years wid de Public Service, he was about to “Re-Tyre” dis month.. He is ah private individual and got ah bit suspicious about my motive, when ah triedprobing into his work his-story wid Go-venom-mint over dem last two decades. He is child N0 6 of eight siblings foh Elma and Robert “ Grampy” Caesar, two humble, hard wuking banana farmers in de Marriaqua Valley, wuking two small plots ah mountain lands in Mc Millan and Farm Estates. De Caesars always kept fowls, ducks, ah (milking) cow and ah donkey.

But when it was Fidel’s time to go Secondary School, de funds just was not dey. So de youth man had to resort to de long journey to attend evening classes in town, also studying on his own until he picked up enough subjects to get into de Public Service (Health Dept) in 1982. He took ah switch in 1984 to try his skills in music (one ah his many loves) wid de Police Cadet Band, but after three years, he went back to Health way he spent 18 years. He would later revisit his music, presently he holds ah Grade 4 Music Theory Certificate wid de Royal School of Music.

In work related matters, Fidel wasted no time preparing himself for ah career in de Public Service. While working at de Min of Health, he passed de Public Service Proficiency Bar in 2005, got his first and only promotion to Senior Clerk in 2007 way he was transferred to and retired at de Min of Works in 2022. Throughout his career he completed ah number of work related, On-line Certificates and Diploma Courses: (i) Dip. in Administration Management from de Institute of Administration Management in de UK; (ii) Certificate in Cost Management Accounting; (iii) Certificate in English for Business Communication; (iv) Certificate in Small Business Management.(v) Cert in Advanced Typing (Pitman Inst). (vi) Appointed Local Agent for Pitman/City & Guilds Exam Council. Fidel is a trained Red Cross Instructor in First Aid and CPR.

De name Fidel means “Loyal” and dis guy is “loyal in name and nature,” he loves his country, his community and his politics, ah subject in which he has been very vocal on and off duty. In de Valley in 1988, he formed ah group of young people, obtained funds from ah Canadian Agency and introduced de first candle making factory. It remains ah successful project, providing locally made candles, wid de Spiritual Baptists being his biggest customers.

Caesar’s real Pet Project is ah local Medical Relief Association, ah non-profit Organisation dat he spearheaded in 1991,which from time to time brings Medical/Health Teams dat provide free clinics in Dentistry, Chiropractor treatment etc throughout SVG.

So de man of many talents and skills, will re-trye in ah couple weeks. Out ah curiosity ah asked one of his co-worker to describe Fidel using one short sentence.

He said to me : “Fidel should ah bin ah PS or Asst PS, but he doesn’t support de party.” Ah know ah buy-us foh me brother in law, mek ah picking up foh him , Yes ‘Ole People say Way hut Eye mek Nose run Water.” And wid dat is gone ah gone again.
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