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Bassy - Love Vine
July 29, 2022
Time done run out!

Oh Lord, you said: “ I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy, and I will show compassion to anyone I choose.” I pray a Prayer of Mercy for Bigger Biggs, Julian Francis and all persons suffering and cannot be flown overseas foh treatment. Amen.

Back in 2009 when he was half way thru his “21 years to man-hood”, he noticed dat Body aches and Belly pains were coming too Fast and Furious, so his Head warned him dat if he still got plans of becoming de Last Prime Minister and de First President of de United Islands of SVG, den hurry up, because time is running out. Dey were many obstacles chief of which/whom was Queen Betty who is celebrating her Platinum (70th) Jubilee. But he can’t get rid ah Betty as easily, quickly, and legally as he would hope, so he must either have ah two thirds (12 seat) majority in Par-liar-mint, or call foh ah Refer-random. So when his 2009 Refer-random failed to pass, not only did all of de above efforts fall thru, but Body aches started spreading, Arms and Legs worn out, and now his very Right hand will be missing in act-shun foh ah while, therefore de 5 Star General has clearly run out ah time.

And what does de Head, de main Body part say? Not good at all says Lie-Za. Dis time around, de Head told him his last Will and Testimony is to be de Last Prime Minister and de First President ever in SVG, but his time up, he will be neither! However, as ah console-hey-shun, Head told him, dey’s ah remote possibility dat ah member of his Die-Nasty could receive his over-ambitious veer-shun of “last PM, First President,” but s/he will be ah much younger and more vibrant Can-de-date.

And so in des-per-ray-shun, we were told dat come July 31st. dis year, dey’ll be ah new leadership structure in de ULP, ah new leader ah de party and ah deputy Pry-minister, two separate individuals. Dat statement was suggesting dat He was about to step aside, giving way to his son. Dah proposal did not go down as planned, so we are now hearing dat he will seek ah sixth term. Somehow some way, all seems not well, so he has given ah very interesting Invitation to de Awe-position, to revisit his Refer-random, firstly to divorce Betty, “get rid ah de queen” and let’s have ah Home Grown President (which he die-in far). His suggestion was laced wid Aggression, Threatening Promise dat if by end ah year his suggest-shuns are not taken aboard, den dey de Awe-position would have “lose dey chance!” We’ll wait!


Lie-Za say dat yuh know time is running out when ah Pry-minister decides to tek ah swipe at, of all people, de Anglican Clergy, Dean Samuel Nicholls, foh carrying out his Pastoral Duties, witnessing to his “God-given Flock.” Dean Nicholls is our next Arch-Deacon, our next Bishop and our next Arch-Bishop, his Time is not running out, in fact, God, de “Head” rather de “Godhead”, is going to give de Dean: “Time, plus over time.”

Sometime Lie-Za is too much. She sat in Church at Nigel Greaves Funeral Service, and notice dat de Pry-minister and his Son, Calm-Low decidedly arrived late and again, decidedly left early, she says: “dah’s sign of ah Poor Appearance.” And den to rub salt in de wounds, she noticed how Dean Nicholls personally seated Calm-Low up-front facing de Altar, de Holy of Holies, de Inner Sanctuary, where God usually appears; but den de Dean seated de Pry-minister way he facing outside, de Cemetery in de church-yard. Touch not de Anointed Come-red. And wid dat is gone ah gone again.

One Love Bassy.

Bassy Alexander is a land surveyor, folklorist and social commentator.