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July 15, 2022
Check way dem foot prints heading

Ah was listening to Lie-Za share her thoughts on de Pry-Minister’s latest moves; firstly, his sudden open invitation to parents and children to his Cave oops, office .. ..Secondly, now dat de COVID-19 Vaccination program, that was supposed to make 70 per cent of de Nay-Sun safe from de Virus, is slowly falling apart, he is hinting of reinstating frontline workers e.g. teachers, nurses and Police who were Fired foh refusing to tek de Vax-scene.

She reminded me of one ah Aesop Fables, “De Liar’n and de Fox.” Aesop, (translated in Greek is “Burnt Face”) was actually ah black slave from Ethiopia. He was ah popular Greek Fabulist, who created over 700 short ‘Nansi Story about animals, all illustrating human virtues and failings, always teaching a ‘moral or lesson’. He is ranked by many, to be among the top Social and pull-it-tek-all commentators.

In dis particular Fable, she said dat Leo is de old Liar’n, King ah de Jungle, he is manipulative, powerful, foolish. Dangerously known foh inflicting all manner ah wickedness to de weaker subjects in de Animal King-dumb. But thankfully Karma strikes every wicked ruler, King Liar’n’s sharp teeth and deadly claws had become worn, he was now starving to death, and it was no longer possible for him to get food as in his younger days. Clearly he had run out ah strength, and running out ah time as well. In desperation, he feigned sick. Then he set de Doves free to announce dat he was in ah critical condition. “De Come-red Liar’n King, is about to die! “ de Doves announced, “ he is ready to turn over his Die-nasty to his son, de bear-B Liar’n.” De jist of de message was dat he was inviting one and all to his Cave, way his crooked Mercy Committee will witness Come- red King Liar’n beg foh forgiveness of every member of de animal King-Dumb, whom he would have caused great suffering and loss in de past, when he killed and devoured their departed family members.
Finally he lay down in his cave to wait for visitors. Flattered and conned-vinced, de Animals went blindly to receive their apology and grant pardon to “ole King, Come-red Liar’n.”

Alas! Dey was no Brer Fox among de Pilgrimage.

Aesop describes de Fox as cunning and talkative, but represents “the voice of wisdom,” seeing through the hypocrisy of others (de “Hypocrites” dat Calypsonian ‘Zion I’ talking bout in his 2022 controversial Calypso).

On de contrary, de Fox was always there. He was very cautious, Standing at a safe distance from the Liar-n’s Cave. When he made eye contact wid de Liar’n, and enquired of his Hell’t; The Liar’n replied that he was very ill indeed, and asked the Fox to step inside for a moment. But Master Fox very wisely stayed outside, thanking the Liar’n very kindly for the invitation.

“I should be glad to do as you ask,” said de Fox, “but I have noticed that there are many footprints leading into your cave and none coming out. Pray tell me, how do your visitors find their way out again?”

Vin-Sin-Shun, listen to de Fox. King Liar’n is about to create new Foot Prints again, Dem new Foot Prints heading in one ah One-Way direction. And wid dat is gone ah gone again.

One Love Bassy

Bassy Alexander is a land surveyor, folklorist and social commentator.