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Oregano leaf, coconut oil and honey

Oregano leaf, coconut oil and honey
The Love Vine

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Ah was telling my buddy in de US dat ah keeping ah low profile foh Vincy Mas 2022. Despite numerous reminders or warnings to de population dat COVID-19 is very much alive and spreading in SVG, dat people are being hospitalized, some are even die-in, Vincy Mas 2022 is firing on all cylinders, especially among de younger population. Ah went to Graduate Calypso Tent, and looked at de others on TV, and ah was amazed at de large number of patrons who didn’t wear ah Mas. Ah told him ah had my two Jabs of de Vax-seen, and took no booster but continue to boost my E-moon system wid local herbal con-cock-shuns, using all de available Herbs: “Broad-leaf or Thicky Thyme boiled in coconut oil and honey; Kojo Root, Ginger,Garlic, Tam-bran Saffron, Mint. It was den he said dat in New York, dey’s dis Herbal Oil made from Wild Oregano plant dat selling like hot bread; how lots ah folks have been using it wid great success in fighting off de COVID-19 Virus. So he sent me a sample, a small vial to try.

De name on de label read: “Oreganol P 73! Oil of Wild Oregano.” But ah still soft voice whispered to me: “ Bassy go to Google before yuh Gaggle!”

Dey it was big and bold: “Cuban Oregano or Broad Leaf Thyme. Handpicked from a remote Mediterranean mountain source. It’s loaded with antioxidants that help prevent cell damage, an excellent source of fiber, vitamin K, manganese, iron, vitamin E, tryptophan and calcium.” Very interesting. In SVG we have de same Broad Leaf Thyme or Thicky Thyme knocking dog all over de place. Most house-wives season meats and fish wid Broad Leaf Thyme not knowing dey using ah sophisticated spice called Oregano. Others grind Chives, Garlic, Hot Pepper, Clove and it is not seasoning until dey add Oregano or Broad Leaf Thyme.

Dey was ah Senior Nurse who troubled with Wheezing, some kind ah Asthma or mild Bronchitis, and asked to get her some Thicky Thyme leaves. She used to crush it, boil it in coconut oil and add a spoonful of honey. “Bassy it works like Magic every time!” She said.

However next time she ask me for Broad Leaf Thyme, I will introduce her to my new “product de Cuban Oregano!” Maybe foh Jouvert dis year, revelers might want to try ah spoonful ah Oregano, Coconut Oil and Honey. Keep de COVID-19 away.


Remember years ago ah had ah boil under me arm and went to Cuban trained, Dr Chester Toney, Physician OB/GYN, Natural Medicine, Practitioner. He suggested dat ah detox and asked me if ah knew ah local bush called Kojo Root. He sat me down and painfully explained dat Kojo Root was one ah de most powerful Herb, is like it was good foh everything including Die-or-be-tease and Prostate, but not good for pregnant women. He told me de Garifunas in Belize told him, dat when dey fore-parents were banished from SVG and left starving on de island of Balliceaux foh months, it was Kojo Root dat kept dem alive. Dey took plants to Belize and today it is like ah sacred Herb. At long last de good oc now has ah product on de market: “ Dr T’s Healing Formula” ah 23 in 1 formula. And like is every Herb and Bark he has in dis Tonic, chief of which is Kojo Root, he spells it wid dignity :Cudjoe Root, also honey and Alcohol. Of course I am using Dr T’s Healing Formula. It is supposed to mek me Look Younger, Feel Younger and whatever else needs to be done Younger. And wid dat is gone ah gone again.

One Love Bassy

Bassy Alexander is a land surveyor, folklorist and social commentator.