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Jumping Foh Joy

Jumping Foh Joy
The Love Vine

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Pardon me if ah sound Eve-ill when ah say “Ah Jumping Foh Joy” ah not rejoicing eh, but when ah heard and red, ah think is better if ah quote CNBC: “Dr. Anthony Fauci, the chief medical adviser to President Biden and director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, has tested positive for COVID-19. The 81-year-old is fully vaccinated against the coronavirus and has been boosted twice, according to the National Institutes of Health.”

Lie-Za say not to sound like ah meking mock, but ah have to remind readers who is Dr Fauci, dis great Scientist, Biden’s chief spokesman, de US voice according to de Gospel of Covid 19. Fauci was ah chief proponent of approved Vax-ah-nay-shun, but between de Virus and de Vax-seen, or lack thereof, serious Pan-dah-moan-yah, Pan-de-maniac took place world-wide. Millions died from de Virus de world all over.

Ah great deal of hostility towards de vaccine was raised by workers in SVG who took to de streets in protest. As ah result even our Prime Minister was struck in his head in public. Fauci and local mouth-piece, Thompson vouched heavily foh de vaccines. One might even want to argue dat those strong Scientific opinions tempted Go-venom-mints to mek hasty legal decisions, dat is now back-firing, but have caused hundreds, dat could ah bin thousands ah Vincies, to be fired, foh not teking de Vax.

So who is dis Joy dat ah jumping foh. Joy is all dem Teachers, Nurses and Policemen, who stuck religiously to dey Faith and refused to tek de Vax-eens and Boosters dat Ralph Gone-Soft Go-venom-men passed ah (No Jab, No Job) Bill in Par-liar-men meking it Man-doh-tarry. Basically it was ah case of “yuh tek No Jab, Yuh have No Job!” Ah remember speaking to de head of one ah SVG’s oldest Religious Organ-I-say-shun, begging him to support de workers who are his Church Believers, who refuse to tek de Job. Imagine “de Man of God” de head of de Church submitted to Man-made Law, ah rotten, sell-fish piece ah leg-is-lay-shun presented in de House by one man. What ah bunch ah Upper-tune-ace we have foh Church Leaders. Lie-Za reminds me of ah Pastor on Nah-shun-all TV telling de viewers dat he took de Vax, and inviting all to tek de Jab. When de Lord tun his back on dis country, is ah PT de just as well as de unjust will all perish.

De very least de Prime Minister of SVG should do, is to come on Nah-shun-all TV and apologize to de Front-Line Workers. Mr PM Add-myth yu made ah serious judgemental error, it was ah heartless, hasty decision made wid spite and anger, but it caused innocent wukers to be out of ah job six months now. He might even want to instruct de CPO to reinstate those unfortunate workers, wid full pay and compensation foh de 6-months suffering dey went thru. What ah Christmas or no Christmas it was to remember foh those famiies.

Ley me mek it clear dat as much as dey might be ah shake-up of faith in de Vax-seen, it is de only proven scientific treatment available to date. And we have ah Carnival coming up in ah couple weeks. Lie-Za begging one and all to go and tek de Jab. Next, avoid being in crowds, so walk wid yuh Mas and wear it all de time. And wid dat is gone ah gone again.

One Love Bassy

Bassy Alexander is a land surveyor, folklorist and social commentator.