Show  me  yuh  Come-red and dem…
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March 4, 2022
Show me yuh Come-red and dem…

Dis is Madness, ‘Ras Putin’ de fear-most Rush-on Mad Monk of 1869-1019, is not even half as mad as President Vladimir Putin, who has now become nothing but “ De Mighty Mite Ras Putin II,” whom PM Gone-soft proclaimed is his Fren to whom he writes personal letters oops, Labour Love Letters. Dis “Mighty Mite Ras Putin II” is de richest man on earth, worth over 200 billion US dollars, wakes up one morning, looks across his North-Eastern border as far as his sore-eyes could see (an ocean of fertile flat lands like SVG, but no rocks) de Ukraine, his near-bah and former ah-lie in de USSR.

And what or who is so eye-soaring to dis “Mr Mighty Mite” wid all de Power and Mite, and of unsound mind? Ah strong 44 year ole Jewish Youth name Volo-de-mayor Zelensky, President of de Ukraine!! Ah Lawyer by profession who prefers to be ah politician, so he opted to become an Actor and Comedian. Dis is de guy who should be PM Gone-soft Fren instead ah de Mighty Mite. Dey both got ah few things in Come-on: Lawyer, Actor and Comedian. Ah clip from Zelensky’s bio states: “Although he was a political novice, Zelensky’s anti-corruption platform won him widespread support,”

From all reports, Zelenski is doing ah great job as President of de Ukraine. One reputable financial institution recently published dat: “Under Zelensky, de Ukranian economy is a significant global player.” Fortunately for de Ukraine, while de Mighty Mite Ras Putin II opted to “Put-in” most of Rush-as dwindling resources in military weapon for mass destruction, de Ukraine on de other hand, has made great progress economically and politically since de breaking up of de Russian Federation. Dat has been like de eye sore and heart-ache to de Mighty Mite Ras Putin II. And dis week he could not stomach it anymore, he let loose his de-man ache military force on de people of de Ukraine, besieging with unmatched resistance, destroying buildings, murdering ain-no-saint men, women and children. Presently Rush-on Soldiers and tanks are occupying three major cities, and threatening to continue devastating de country.

And while dis massacre of people and country is teking place, de rest of de Free World seems only able, or only prepared to Put-in sanctions on Rush-ah and enforcing embargos which ultimately will have its crippling effects. But give me de ole time religion, dat couldn’t ah happen to de children of Israel, in retaliation, de city of Moscow would ah bin in rubble and dust. Incidentally de tuff Zelensky is an Israelite born in de Ukraine.

Here at home and de wider Carry Beyond, our leaders must display wisdom in choosing frens and allies. We are witnessing on TV scenes of live account of de destruction of de Ukraine where cities are bombed, schools bombed, power and water supplies destroyed. Dis ah-salt comes from de instructions of ah crime committing President gone mad, and our Prime Minister is on Radio and TV all smiles pon he face, telling de Nay-shun dat Putin is he friend, and as he friend he can write him ah personal letter. Yes Mr Prime Minister, doh tell us what you wrote to Putin, publish dat identical letter. My Granny uses to always tell me: “Show me yuh Come-red and dem, and ah will tell you who yuh are.” And wid dat is gone ah gone again.

One Love Bassy.

Bassy Alexander is a land surveyor, folklorist and social commentator.