SVG Tops De List Again
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January 21, 2022
SVG Tops De List Again

‘No one size fits all” says Mr Didier Trebucq, UN Resident co-ordinator foh B’dos and de Eastern Caribbean, at de conclusion of ah wide ranging study funded by USAID and commissioned by UNESCO. It’s an real enlightening study dat was conducted by de Caribbean Development Research Services Inc. (CADRES), in which 5,000 persons across six southern Caribbean Countries: B’dos, de Windwards Islands and T’n’T, were questioned as answers are being sought to the vexing Vax-seen hesitancy in de region. In root-see-call language, ‘Why people nah teking de Vax-seen.” Interestingly, SVG has de most Vax-seen Hesitant Population among de six countries. Ah will have CADRES know dat SVG also has de highest number of dismissed Go-venom-mint employed Un-vaxed frontline wukers, and SVG is also de only country among de six to enforce de ‘No Jab, No Job’ Man-dat-terror-I-say-shun Vax-een foh Frontline wukers.

According to de report, de typical un-vaxxed persons are under 30 years of age, have no formal wuk and wid secondary level education. De Report also men-shuns dat people believe de vax-seen was developed too quickly, (Lie-ZA say it still developing) also people not certain what’s in de vax-seen; Half de people interviewed want more medical and scientific info; (is not dat de info ain’t dey, is all because de Pull-it-tek-ill Die-wreck-trait want to hog de show). Forty (40) percent want to know ‘bout de effects and side effects of de Jab, things like sex life and the fate of de unborn child. De Report suggests dat Hesitancy is Real, and different country has different Vax-seen Hesitancy factors and we need to respond accordingly. In SVG de ULP’s response was pushing thru de Mandatory Act foh Frontline wukers, No Jab No Job!

Anyhow de UN Rep urged all ministries of Hell’t and other stake holders working to address de Vax-seen Hesitancy phenomenon, to take de data in de study seriously. But we all know what will happen to dat Report.


Lie-Za wants me to explain what took place in Par-liar-mint during de last Rail-road Budget. Even after de Go-venom-mint had established its own COVID-19 Protocols foh de sitting of de House, demanding regular COVID-19 testing foh Un-Vaxxed Awe position members, who will be quarantined on one side of de House, wearing double Mas, and will speak from behind ah lickle glass cage, “Lottery Booth” says Hon Fitz Bramble. De last verbal instruction was:” dey must not Shower Anyone Wid dey Un-vax-Sin-hatred Spittle.” On de other hand, Vax-Sin-hatred members on de Go-venom-mint side will not necessarily be required to show tests results, will sit in de open wearing ah single Mas. Excellent plans to keep de Awe-Position out ah Par-liar-mint.

But Lo and Behold, after all de safety measures, last Choose-dey when de House met, Five COVID-19 “FAIRY-AUNTS” riding on ah Rush-On “SPUT-NICK, looking foh Vengeance “ALL-FAH” de Awe-Position members, who were “DEALT-AH” bad hand initially,den suddenly began to “BEAT-AH” Song and Dance dat resurrected GRAMMA Culture at de demise of de Pitt Bull. Ah told Lie-Za dat ah believe dem COVID-19 Fairy-Aunts are either Buy-us or dey belong to de NDP. She begged to differ saying, she believes dat Doctor Fry-dey and his NDP members wuking some kind ah Obeah fee de lord, dey tek way de Come-red wuk!
And wid dat is gone ah gone again.

One Love Bassy

Bassy Alexander is a land surveyor, folklorist and social commentator.