Ah good ole time country wedding
Jeniel Lewis and Tevin Sutherland on dey Wedding Day
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January 7, 2022
Ah good ole time country wedding

Tevin must have bin disrupting the class at Community College that day, why else would Ms Persaud move him from the back to the front row? But in his own wedding vows on New Year’s day, ah happy Tevin declared dat particular incident, as de best thing dat happened to him in Life.

When we got the invitation ‘to be to-get-her wid de families of Jeniel Lewis and Tevin Sutherland on dey Wedding Day on January First’, we felt honoured as my wife and the bride’s parents are Valley People, school-mates and near-bars, but de first thing came to mind was “ah wedding crowd in these COVID-19 times?” To cut ah long ‘tory short, early New Year’s morning, between sleep and wake ah heard dat “matter of fact” voice saying: “Remember we have a wedding to attend today at two o-clock, if we going I want to be there early!” Lickle did she know dat from de time she told me dat de bride’s parents are George Lewis and Jen Clarke, ah did me lickle re-search and found out dat Nicole Browne who is very good, was de Caterer. Straight away ah just picture me-self sipping ah cup ah Goat- Water of Calalloo’n’ Crab from de Valley, ah see me-self picking and choosing between Curry Goat, Stew-Beef, Grilled Pork or Tuna, or if me nasty ways get out ah hand, ah might ask foh ah lickle piece ah everything. So dat, COVID-19 or no COVID-19, dey’s no way ah was staying home.

We arrived early at Rockville Garden 1st Avenue, Cane Hall, owned and operated by Mr & Mrs Amos Dennie. It is de ideal, lickle hide-out, masterfully carved into the rocks wid natural vegetation and cascading waterfall that flows into the Cane-Hall river. A small section was converted into ah temporary sanctuary, where de young couple exchanged dey own vows, in de presence of yet another fine youngster, Pastor Harry who made marriage look tempting. In dey vows, dey both sounded ready foh de challenges ahead. De bride was very sound in her pledge and commitment, but it was de groom’s day, less compromising wid words as he proudly revisited that eventful day when Ms Persaud thought she was punishing him by making him to sit up front in de class. It was dey and den dat his eyes met those of de Belle of his life sitting next to him; and from that moment he silently made a pledge to marry her one day. He made his bride blush when he gave us ah lickle peeks into de beginning of ah normal school day, how Jeniel uses to plant ah kiss on his cheek before going to classes. And all of us present responded :“Wow! Really? ” Ah bet he was never late or ever missed school.

‘Speechifying was short and sweet’ wid former Min of Hell’t, Luke Browne leading by example wearing his Mas. Special men-shun must be made also of de support and blessings given to de Newly-weds by dey young Brethren and Sistren; notwithstanding de promises levelled at de groom if he ever gets out ah line. By and large it was ah One-dah-full wedding; ah felt ah bit nostalgic from de days of de Good Ole Time Country Weddings: “lots to eat and drink, no signs of misbehave-yah etc..” Ah pray dat God will Bless Tevin and Jeniel wid ah long and happy marriage. And wid dat is gone ah gone again

One Love Bassy

Bassy Alexander is a land surveyor, folklorist and social commentator.

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