Bassy - Love Vine
October 15, 2021
Have faith in God

I wish to endorse de sentiments expressed in a lovely article in de Midweek SEARCHLIGHT written by Vin-sence-shun, Dr. Rose-Ann Smith nee Williams, she has ah PhD in Human Geography UWI, where she is ah lecturer.

Dr Smith hails from La Croix, in de Marriaqua Valley and her article entitled : “ Ah weh-we-a-go-do” (the-politicizing-of-the-covid-19-disaster Response) is on target, ah must read foh all including our Politicians, PM doh mis it.

Ah not going thru Dr Smiths’ article in any detail, but I am more strongly convinced now dat de Carry-Beyond, SVG in particular, is not short of expertise, brilliant and intelligent young people who are competent, equipped wid I-dares, answers and solutions to our many common regional problems. And I am equally convinced dat had our politician’s approach to the COVID -19 pandemic been different from day one, we would not have been in dis sticky or she-tea sit-yu-hear-shun today.

And before ah forget, ah wish to commend our CMO Dr Keizer, lady of meekness, by no means weakness, and Dr Roger Duncan. Dey doing ah One-dah-full Jab ,oops Job! How ah wish dat in SVG de COVID-19 pan-dem-ache was initially started wid ah bonding of our significant heads and minds like de Medical Professionals, Doctors and Nurses, Media, Policemen, Teachers; de Church; and least de Pull-it-tek-ill Leaders who would ah bin informed and add-viced as often as necessary. But dat never happened! Other people had other I-Dare!

But unfortunately, dem pan-ache, COVID-19 started out wid an unnecessary Pull-it-tek-all debate, from statements bordering denial from one side, to scary comments from de other side. So from incept-shun in SVG, if ah repeat how Lie-Za interprets ah line from Dr Smith’s piece, de virus was Christened and Baptized by de uninformed, in Confusion, Miss-Trust and may I add today it is chaos!

Then we were allowed too much freedom to congregate, nuff pull-it-took-ill calm pain, crowds at Nine Mornings and Nine Nights, dem-on-stray-shun, pro-tests wid clusters, even large funerals . Too much mis-information and not enough serious enforcement of de rules and protocol. So sooner or later all had to fall down. Right now is an unnecessary stand-off wid more dan half de nay-shun refusing to tek de Jab, despite Go-venom-mint raising big-stick over front line wukers to tek de Jab or No Job. Dis pan-dem-ache is like ah war. Yuh have to have ah General who is willing to be add-viced and listen to his Experts.

Ah can’t close wid-out informing those who foh all different sorts ah reason have not taken de Jab, to revisit de scene. How would yuh feel if you were told dat you Granny, or yuh Mammy, or yuh Buddy or Sissy, or your own child who was vaccinated and wearing ah Mask, contracted de virus while caught among a group of unvaccinated persons. And guess what, s/he was hospitalized foh two weeks and finally died. Dat would hurt, wouldn’t it? I strongly feel it was wrong foh Gon-soft and his Cabinet members to pass legislation to mek it man-dah-tarry to tek dah Vaccination. We, i.e me tek de Jab, to mek sure dat if me best friend or NME dies after contracting COVID-19, my conscience would be clear dat I am not even slightly responsible foh his/her death. Let your Faith be in God to protect you from all fears and doubts of de unknown agents if yu were to tek de Jab.

And wid dat is gone ah gone again

One Love Bassy

l Bassy Alexander is
a land surveyor,
folklorist and social commentator.