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People right to demand better

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Is like ah had dis dream dat while de Evacuees from de Red and Orange Zones were under pressure to go back to de Danger Zones near La suffrey, we in de Green Zone on de Ah-pose-it end of SVG were experiencing earthquakes, followed by smoke and mushroom clouds ballooning from Mount Sin Andrew, de 1,500 feet

de 1, 500 feet dat towers over de Southern end of SVG. Was only den we overs dat since December 2020, unknown to John Public, ah team of Volcanologists were monitoring new Seismic activities in Sin Andrews. Things deteriorated and all dem communities and NDP constituencies within striking range of Sin Andrews were re-classified from Green Zone to Red and Orange Disaster Zone.

In de meantime ah miracle took place at La Suffrey. no more Hydrogen and Sulphur gases , no more Earthquakes, no more Erupt-shun, de Scientists had no choice but to declare La Suffrey dormant foh life or death. Dism3Eans dat all those Red and Orange Zone areas close to La suffrey, suddenly got ah revised grading to permanent Green and White Zone.

But de ah-thorough-tee having been warned of ah massive Erupt-shun any time, paid heed to de warnigs of de Scientists dis time around, and immediately embarked on ah Shelter Upgrading and Schools Refurbishing Program. Ah number of prefab hotels and Guest Houses appeared from nowhere, huge water catchments were built in every community. Temporary NEMO store houses were established in communities. Even de animals were catered for.

At long last we finally got de long over-due Nah-Shun-All Hospital, and all de Smart Hospitals on de New Green Zone areas were made ready foh any disaster, be it suffrey, storm or floods. In my Dream ah saw ah lot ah businesses spreading into de New Green Zone areas, like wat Corea’s doing Pembroke, Arnos Vale and Die-man.

Unfortunately in dat dream, de Sin Andrew Volcano erupted, but by den de Nay-Shun was prepared, was like an easy transition, in just about every home, suit-cases and barrels were packed like those coming from de Die-us-Poorer. Yes it can be done, but first we must sit down to-get-her and reason wid one an-other.

We must start to build ah new SVG. Why do we have to send back all de folks in shelters from de Red and Orange Zones, especially when dey do not particularly want to go back. And why should dey leave de Green Zone way de grass is Greener and go back to meet ah burning mountain (de Yoruba Fire God) dat will smoke indefinitely till it erupts again, destroying dey spirits. People deserve better and should be treated better. In order foh better to come, we have to put Better People, not Bitter People to run things. And wid dat is gone ah gone again.
One Love Bassy

Bassy Alexander is a land surveyor, folklorist and social commentator.