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May 14, 2021
Man shot him-self in him-foot

Lie-Za all-time getting she story and dem wrong. She was telling me, she heard pon de Raid-yuh, how de PM Shot Him-self in Him-foot again. Ah told her to check her story, but in any case, ah doh want to go down dat road foh good reasons.

Ole people say: “Tee-day fee-yuh and Tee-morrow fee me.” We all have lickle youths, not invulnerable, and no matter how much Labour Pains we bear to bring dem, when yuh think “dey Pass de Wuss,” some insist dat we revisit dem Labour Pains!

Anyhow, out ah curiosity ah Google back to de days ah Captain Morgan and Admiral Nelson. Ah was shocked dat dem two still playing Pirate as ah read an article captioned:

“Captain Morgan defeats Admiral Nelson in a Rum Branding Battle in Canada.” Truth is, dey no longer Battling wid Guns and Canons, Knives and Swords, dey now Bottling it out over Spiced Rum, Fine Wines and Spirits. Thank goodness our Sunset Captain Bligh XO is free of any skirmish. We live in ah Civil-Lies (small) country, therefore we must behave Civil and drop de Lies.

Having said dat ah want to add-vice our chief Law-maker to cut de Monopoly Game, and all Legal Maneuvering, just read and follow de Add-vice given in ah master-piece in de Press last weekend, written by Zhinga Horne-Edwards (ZHE). Ah Treatise foh untrained Legal minds like mine. Simple language but Straight-to-de-point, outlining de steps in Law dat should be followed when an alleged Crime has been committed. Indefinite Dignified Silence is unacceptable. Our local experience has been dat “Dignified Silence” is de first stage of innocence. “Fool me once shame on You, Fool me twice shame on Me!”

Of course Zhinga Horne-Edwards is de Grand-daughter of de late, great Henry H Williams, ah most distinguished son of SVG, ah former Chief Secretary in de Public Service, ah UWI Resident Tutor, Lawyer, Deputy Governor General, de Grand-Dad of de family. I will say no more of dis noble Statesman except to men-shun dat Zhinga’s letter or Treatise, represents everything dat her Grand-father would have willingly endorsed. Ah could just see him signing dat letter wid his ole time Fountain Pen and Ink.

Dey was no Mal-ice no name calling in Zhinga’s article, but everybody knows who de caps fit. She is timely and kindly reminding us dat we are ah country of Law. Foh all ah we, even those who ignorant or playing ignorant of de Law, who nurturing de big Pull-it-to-kill and Pull-it-tek-all Divide in dis Blessed Land, please listen to de Voice of Wisdom, especially when it genuinely represents de true Spirit of Justice penned by one of our Bold and Brilliant Luminaries


Commissioner John was too young to know of ah former high profile Pull-it-tek-all-he favoured Commissioner, de Saint; but he ole nuff to know ‘bout his demise in de Autumn of his years when ‘Karma Struck’! Wid all his accumulated worth awarded by de Privy Council, he got Jus-taste but no Piece oops, no Peace! Let de Saint RIP.


“Time to go Lie-Za” ah told her. But she insisted she wanted to hear ah few Idioms dat I call Riddles dealing wid all de pending side-shows. Like who need to “Break ah Leg” and “Who shot him-self in him foot.” In off stage language, “Break ah Leg” is ah ‘Good Luck Wish’ to someone on dey last Leg and desperately needs to go out dey, give it his/her best shot and turn things around. And “ To shoot oneself in the foot” is to do or say something that can cause problems for you later if not sooner” In other words she said, Dr Good-win Fry-dey ‘Break ah Leg’ in Par-liar-mint on choose-dey! And Ralph like “he Shoot he-self in he foot” when he commented on de investigations. And wid dat is gone ah gone again.

One Love Bassy

l Bassy Alexander is a land surveyor, folklorist and social commentator.