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April 9, 2021
De unanswered prayers 0f Joseph

Lie-Za vividly recalls de festive Pre and Post-elect-shun Calm-Pain put on by de ULP dat boasted of having ah War-Chest.

So determined dey were to mek it Five-in-ah-Row, dey went on ah Will-full Waste ah scarce Revenue dat has created today’s woe-full want at de Treasury. She still seeing de fleet ah trucks lined up night after night outside Go-venom-mint storerooms, busy transporting free lumber, cement and galvanize to Suporters in exchange of Votes. Wid all ah dat going foh de Ruling Party, de over con-fee-dent NDP made certain dey covered every loop hole. And den dey resorted to ah Trump Card, Divine Help, lots ah Prayer Sessions. Spiritually led persons predicted ah Victory foh de Awe-Position, but interestingly similar predictions were circulating on behalf of de Ruling Party, and by Spiritually led persons as well.

De result is now His-story. In denial she posed de Big Question to me: “Why didn’t God answer NDP Prayers?” So ah tell she ah ole story about ah lickle boy name Joseph.

Joseph had ah serious “crush” on Mary-Lynn. In de eyes of this young, single parent, Grade 1 boy, Mary-Lynn was de most beautiful girl in de whole world. But she couldn’t tek him at all, she despised Joseph. However, Joseph insisted dat he wanted Mary-Lynn no matter how she treated him. So every night at his bedside, wid infatuation breaking his poor lickle heart, he knelt in Prayer, asking God, if he could mek Mary-Lynn be gentle to him and possibly become his wife. Dat would never happened. God does not answer every Prayer.

In search of ah better life, Joseph and his mom moved to another State where suddenly, good things began to happen foh dis talented youngster. He won an Athletic Scholarship and studied Medicine. Twenty years passed like lightning, and Joseph returned to his small Home-town to give back to his community, of course, foremost on his mind was to find Mary-Lynn, his heart throb.

Back den and even now, when ah successful son-ah-de-soil returned to his/her small Home-town, dey’s always ah grand Sunday Morning welcome at his/her Home-Church way everybody turns up in dey Best Dress. Joseph made it four consecutive Sundays to Church, looking foh Mary-Lynn. Finally, he made an admission to an ole classmate, dat since his return, he had seen everybody except Mary-Lynn, de Love of his life.

“Dis is because you doh recognize Mary-Lynn anymore,” his friend said. Following specific direct-shuns, he found her. My English Master had ah phrase to describe Joseph’s immediate react-shun: “Paralysis of de Perception” more simply put “Shock and Awe!” Literally and Figuratively, Mary-Lynn had “Gone Thru!” Dat night as Joseph returned to his bedside where on his knees, as he prayed foh Mary-Lynn, he thanked de Lord foh not answering his prayer many years ago as ah child, when he had asked God to mek Mary-Lynn his wife.


Today five months after de Elect-shun of November 2020, dey country upside down: Den-gay keep resurfacing; Covid19 is here exposing de need foh us to let better sense and diplomacy prevail. And now de La Sew-Frey dat was slowly preparing to miss-behave or was just allowing us to prepare foh when it decides to Miss-behave, is kicking up. Back of all ah dis is ah Stand-Off dat seems to be brewing between de Pry-minister and Go-venom-mint on one side, and de Trade Unions mainly Teachers and Public Servants, over de sense-ah-tiff topic- To Vaccinate or Not to Vaccinate! Lie-Za say we back to 2001, 20 years ago, de days of ODD, when de same Teachers and Public Servants were up in Arms wid de den NDP Government over wages. Dey participate in ah shut down of de country foh ah promised 30 % salary increase by de den Awe-Position ULP. Lie-Za wondering if dis is de New ODD. And she asking if ah think dat dis Wretch-rebuke-shun dat got de ULP looking like dey “Gone-Thru” like when Joseph saw Mary-Lynn. Only dis time it is de Unanswered Prayers of de NDP.


Yes before ah forget. Some ah my silent but strong ULP supporters and friends have asked me to write say, dat part ah de problem why de Teachers and people in general are refusing to tek de Jab is de Pry-Minister himself. Twenty years is ah long time, and it is now becoming ah challenge to watch and listen to him at Press Conferences on TV and Radio, expounding and explaining on subjects dat should be left to de Experts and Professionals sitting next to him. Mr PM, ah swear dey asked me not to forget. And wid dat is gone ah gone again

One Love Bassy

Bassy Alexander is a land surveyor, folklorist and social commentator.