Bassy - Love Vine
March 5, 2021
Go line up foh de job

Driving past Victoria Park on Wednesday morning, Lie-Za saw: “ah crowd-ah-people oh,” in de Pavilion wearing dey Mask like was ‘Mas-in-Victoria’ in February. She overheard dem talking about ‘Job’ and she sensed dey was ah Pull-it-to-kill slant in dis Job talk. She noticed however dey were orderly sitting “spaced-out” not really, dey were Sow-shell Distancing. Den somebody said: “Dis look suspicious, like dey planning ah Bye-Elect-shun!” When she however enquired by de gate, de Security Guard told her “de Go-venom-mint say dey sharing out free Jobs to prevent COVID-19, so dey begging de whole Nay-Shun to come and get dey Job. But she wanted to go wid me whenever ah going foh “me Job!” Ah sensed disappointment when ah told her dat ah done get “me Job” ah week ago, and ah waiting to get de second Job, and if dey’s ah third Job ah teking it too.

Straight away ah pulled an Article “Cleanliness Next to Godliness” dat ah wrote last year around de time COVID-19 was hot in de air, dat was when ah lady arrived from de UK tested positive wid de Virus; we were so much in deny-all, dat she was numbered ‘Patient Zero’ in other words we had Zero Cases on record, What ah time foh us. Part of dat Article read as follows:

“Coronavirus Covid 19 is causing panic in de country. People running all over de place buying up supplies, already de shelves in de Supermarkets looking scanty. We know ‘bout disaster preparation like Storms and Hurry-Cane, but Covid-19 is ah lickle different. We can’t stop ah Storm from coming but we could delay contracting de Virus by following simple instructions which is basically ‘Cleanliness next to Godliness’! We not listening to de very simple instructions coming from de Hell’t Authority. We hearing but we not listening or obeying. Or maybe it is too simple to believe, like Wash Hands wid soap thoroughly; avoid Touching Eyes, nose and mouth, Avoid Crowds, Hugging, Shaking hands. Drink ah lot of Water, gaggle with warm Water wid ah lickle Salt or Apple Cider Vinegar.”

I told Lie-Za ah year ago we had no answer foh CIVID 19. No Medi-care-shun, no Vaccin- Nay-Shun, well not foh another year or two. People in Europe and Asia were dying, in de US Covid-19 Cases had spiked up to thousands and de death toll had started to climb. President Trump stood firm in deny-all and so too was our PM to some extent.

Today, after one year of waiting, dey’s ah Vaccine, in fact several Vaccines foh COVID-19. Some people welcome de Vaccine and some will have no part of any Vaccine. And as always some people standing firm to dey faith in God and will have nothing to do wid Vaccine. Ah must add-myth dat as ah Believer, ah standing firm to my faith in God too. However; foh almost ah year now, ah been praying to God to send us ah cure foh COVID-19, whether is Medication, Inject-shun or Vaccine, just send it Lord. Ah hearing all kind ah stories about de AstraZeneca Vaccine dat ah took 10 days ago. Highly intelligent persons saying dey doh trust dis hurry-hurry Vaccine, dat dey believe dey’s some kind ah chip in de Vaccine, well ah hope it does, because we really need another chip, to displace de existing chip in us dat got us hooked on Corrupt-shun, Dishonesty, Hatred, Spite and Abuse of all sorts.

And wid dat is gone ah gone again.

One Love Bassy

Bassy Alexander is a land surveyor, folklorist and social commentator.